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Your opinion on the government trying to get rid of "dangerous" dog breeds.....?

Your opinion on the govenment trying to get rid of "dangerous" dog breeds. No more breeding or owning of pittbulls, german shephereds, or rotwilers.....

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    I think it sucks that animals have to take the rap, for poor human judgement.

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    I call them mutts although on here sometimes I do answer people's questions on what to call them. It's so easy, you just google that mix and it brings up a webpage that has all the designer breeds. Although I knew the majority of them after reading them in the papers. Online I will type the "cutesy" name but in real life I say mutts lmao. They do it for money, as you already know. No reputable breeder would do that, only the back yard breeders and money hungry people...wait maybe that goes hand in hand with back yard breeders. People that don't know any better fall for that. It's not an act of genius to google a "breed" to find out its history. If all those people that bought from those back yard breeders done this, they probably wouldn't have been fooled into buying an overpriced mutt. I know my cousin won't fall for it again. She bought a poodle mix and that very weekend ended up spending 1200 because the puppy died of parvo( the same weekend she got it, the breeder sold her a sick puppy). I called her a first class idiot to have bought that mutt when she could have adopted a healthy puppy from the shelter and saved money! I will NEVER pay for a MUTT. I remember when all the mutts were "free to good home". Not 150+. Now, a reasonable rehoming fee for a mutt if its spayed, utd on shots, worming,etc I might do but thats it other then an adoption fee.

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    I think dog's are usually a product of their owner's handling. I've known sweet pit bulls and vicious labs. Still, there are definately breeds that require a little more knowledge than others. I think a better way to deal with the problem is to require owners of difficult breeds to take a special course and get a particular lisence for their dog. People might complain, but if they really want to have that kind of dog, they should be willing to make an extra effort.

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    It's all about training. If you train the dog right and treat it well it can be perfectly safe. Breed has very little to do with it. In the years I've worked at a vet, I've been bitten more by poodles and malteses, the little dogs tend to be more vicious. But they do no real damage so no reporting and noone worries about it. If people treated their dogs better the problem would greatly diminish.

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    As far as I'm concerned this is about as lame as you can get. It is generally not the breed but the owner. Many dog bites are well deserved. Jump in a yard with a dog and it bites you then go stick your finger in a light socket and see what happens next.

    There are exceptions. Pit bulls and Dobies as a breed are a little more aggressive. I would not put the average pit in a home with a small child. That is the average. There are pits who wouldn't bite if you yanked their ear off.

    The worst breeds are the so called safe breeds. Poodles are some of the most aggressive dogs out there. Much more likely to bite than the bigger breeds. It is the bigger breeds that grab the headlines. They are more likely to do serious injury. How many people have died of a poodle attack for example? Small children are the only people a poodle is really capable of injuring.

    I personally own a German Shepard. Have owned several before in my lifetime. Not one mean bone in their bodies. If somebody tried to injure me that would change in a heart beat. German Shepard's are protective of family and territory. Out of their homes German Shepard's will generally run away from people they encounter. That or come up expecting to be petted or fed. Rots are another extremely intelligent breed which can be protective but rarely offers danger to anybody not meaning harm to life or property.

    Legally dogs are a means of self defense and the defense of property. To remove any breed capable of doing this duty would be to deny the legal right to defend yourself. Unlike other possible defense mechanisms as far as I know nobody has robbed a bank with a dog yet.

    According to an anti-dog website an average of 17 people die each year from dog bites in the US. I think you will find if you looked that almost that many people died in some sort of contact with fire hydrants each year. Bathtubs are far more likely to be fatal.

    Just for perspective. In a shorter time period 292 children drowned in bathtubs. Should we outlaw bathtubs as well? Believe it or not almost that many children have drowned in 5 gallon buckets as have died from dog bites. I think money, time and before would be better spent preventing accidents than maligning dogs.

    I have to wonder about the stated figures of 4.7 million dog bites given the number of dogs. That is nearly one in thirty biting somebody each year. It has been a decade since I've personally seen a dog bite somebody. Been 15 years since I was last bitten by a dog. It is a rare dog that bites anybody in it's lifetime. Rarer still is a dog which did not display serious aggression signs that were ignored by the owner before it did bite somebody without provocation. I have had to put one dog down of the dozens I've owned in my life time. It was a smaller dog which began showing aggression toward children. I did not wait until it bit one of them.

    In summery, lets get serious. For half the effort and funding shelters for aggressive dogs could be funded. Information could be distributed for signs of aggression in a dog which might lead to a dog biting a human without provocation. Last no matter what you do, sometimes bad things happen. You might wake up with a tree in your bedroom or a car crashing into your living room. Should we ban trees and cars? Life is dangerous. Sometime people of our generation will die. Future generations maybe not. However life in a nice safe room which has tonka toy locks on everything and nothing is permitted. Is that really life?

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    It's not the dog breeds that need getting rid of. It's the idiot owners who either encourage deliberately, the aggresive behavior or encourage it by the rough handling they give the dog. An animal will only learn aggresive behavior if it feels threatened or has been taught to act agressive.

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    I think it's a dumb thing No dog really is dangerous they just fear people because how the owners treat them.

    Rediculous german shepherds are the best gaurd and family dogs ever if polices have them why can't we .What do you think.I really want to know ones opinion so instant message me any time look for me as cdromero2003 my name is dayne. I have yahoo messanger.

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    They're trying to make dog owners more responsible for the things their dogs do. Mainly, since they are 'bigger' dogs they have a bigger big and can inflict more damage. In my opinion, all dogs have teeth, and some, regardless of the breed, are dangerous.

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    Basically it's this.....Banning ALL guns.

    for whatever reason their small minds think if they ban all guns the crime rate will be almost zero.

    They have no idea what they are doing....

    If you look at the whole picture they would see more people get bit by Cockers,Chesapeake bays,springer's,chow chows and a few other breeds than pitt bulls and rotties 10 to 1

    Source(s): 17yrs as a Vet Tech
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    I would have to agree with all the people before me. I mean, just like they said, it's not the dog's fault. People have poor judgment, including myself. We want to see how far a dog will allow people to provoke it. And then we blame the dog. I'm not going to leave myself out of this, because I've done it. Instead of dogs having obedience classes, people should.

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    I hate it. Shoot, as far as im concerned, ANY DOG can be aggressive if not taken care of and socialized and trained properly. We had 2 labs that would attack and go crazy for no reason on any dog! we had to kick them out and yes I said LABRADOR RETREIVERS! (i work at a dog daycare). So im ....ed about the whole thing. its dumb!

    Source(s): me, i work with dogs
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