Help! I'm allergic to so many things!?

I am allergic to at least somethingn every season and am constantly stuffed up and get sore throats. Most of the medicines either don't help or make me sick in some way (Allegra made me have cramps so bad I couldn't hardly walk, for example). I don't really need complete relief, but the sore throats really hinder me. Does anybody know of anything that can help a sore throat except lots of throat drops?

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    First, I'm not a doctor but I do have severe, year-round respiratory allergies as do both of my children.

    If Allegra isn't working, talk with your doctor about alternatives: Zyrtec, Clarinex or even some of the older RX drugs. Or, try the over the counter loratidine.

    Since your symptoms are mostly nasal, you might also do well with an inhaled steroid.

    If you wish to avoid meds altogether, try hot teas to sooth the throat, vitamin C drops (with echinacea if you can tolerate it), and use a cool mist humidifier at night. Also switch your AC filters to a type that helps with pollen/molds, cover your bed/pillows with plastic, remove carpets if possible, shower and change clothes when you come in for the day (your bring pollens inside with you).

    Best of luck!

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    i find that if i take a deconjestant before i goto bed it helps with the sore throat. but i get a sore throat because my head drains downmy throat during the night and Im still stuffed up so i breath through my mouth. maybe give that a try

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    Author: Connie Cornell 09/22/03

    I have a son who is allergic to everything. He was about 8 months old when I started with Melaleuca. One by one I slowly tested each product. Melaleuca is the one thing I can use on him that works wonders! We use to buy 2-3 different types of laudry detergent because of allergies in my household. Now, it's only Mela Power. Renew Bath Oil and Renew Intensive Skin Therapy are awesome for any skin problems and I swear by that!

    Author: Lisa Maghrak 09/22/03

    I know several people who have gotten off of their allergy medicine as well as inhalers after switching to Melaleuca. The first step is to get all of the harsh chemicals/toxins out of your home. Then get on the Daily for Life Pack and saturate with the Provex (1capsule/25 lbs per day for 2 weeks) Provex is a powerful antioxidant and is a natural anti-inflammitory and anti-histamine! It works wonderfully for allergies and asthma without the side effects of prescription medications!

    that he got infections on his legs. The allergist that I went to put him on heavy cortisone, if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have done it. That did clear him up but then it came back. Here's the great part.... within two weeks of TOTALLY converting our home to Melaleuca products, he was a different child. Attitude, everything. I am convinced that he felt miserable and (acted miserable) because of the allergies. Hallelujah!!!! The other story is about me, I was always allergic to Easter lilies, I have been taking ProvexCV and went in to the local store, saw the lilies and thought to myself, oh great here goes, my head is going to BLOW up. It didn't. I went over and sniffed, and then took in a big sniff and no blow up, and for any doubters, no the store hadn't pulled the centers out of the lilies! Hope these stories help, any questions, contact me at

    CV and I noticed my summer allergies were not as bad as they use to be... so it helped me too...

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    An allergist told me to take Claritin tablets which contain 10 mg micronized loratadine, an antihistamine, to be administered orally. I found this to work best... Walmart has a knock off which contains the same amount of loratadine which works just as well...

    Good Luck...


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    you go to a store(I would chose dollar general) and find where they keep the medicine and find a bottle that's looks like a spray bottle and it say Sore Throat Spray.

    From my experience it should work

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