What is the correct way to age black walnuts?

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  • Cosmo
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    1 decade ago
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    As a kid, we had a back yard full of walnut trees that produced many nuts a year. In the fall, we would gather them, green, as soon as they fell off the tree and line the drive way with them so the cars run over them. After about a week, the outside green hull would turn black, dry and fall from them. If we had the time, we would pick them up from the drive and line the roof of an out building and allow the sun to dry them further. Most of the time we would leave them in the drive until they were dry enough to bag. We would bag them up and use them all winter.

    One fall, when I thought I had everything figured out and felt my father would benefit from my wisdom. Thinking he might be open to learn something from me for a change, I pointed out to him, by drying these nuts outside like this we loose about 20% of our nuts to the squirrels. To that, my Dad would remind me that it was the squirrels that were loosing about 80% to us. But he was pretty good about seeing the half full glass.

    Enjoy the nuts!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hull them & allow them to air dry; preferrably on a newspaper.

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