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The 3 major races of Man - Mongoloid, Caucasian and ******* - did they evolve from the same species?

Or were the parent species different? If not, how can you explain the uniform differences of skin tone, hair colour, physiognomy and mental affinities of the 3 major race-types?

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    Yes, they evolved from the same species. In fact, every species evolved from the same life form. The physical difference between various races are caused by evolution and adaptation. Throughout the ages, there are genetic mutations in all species. If the genetic mutation is unfavourable, the individual dies. If it, on the other hand, benefits the individual, then the individual survives. Hence, the mutation gradually becomes a standard feature of the species.

    Now, due to the size of the Earth, it is only understandable that people in different parts of the world would undergo different mutations. The clearest example is the difference in skin colour between ethnic Africans and ethnic Europeans. Africans development a greater amount of pigment, as it protected them from the sun. The species evolved. Europeans, on the other hand, were in no need for this pigment as the climate was different in Europe. Thus, they evolved to have less pigment than Africans, for instance. This principle then explains any physical differences that one might find when looking at the human race.

    Now, out of curiosity, what are these mental affinities you speak of?

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      They have lighter eyes that reflect more light allowing them to have better vision in low light settings. The farther from the equator you go the less sunlight you get.

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    Its ne-groid...isn't this an obsolete term from the early 1900s? By the way is Caucasoid not caucasian. Also you are dealing with races, NOT species. The modern human or Homo-sapiens can be divided into races (the 3 aforementioned ). So to answer your question yes they did evolve from the same species. But the different kinds of races came from a common ancestor with all the traits that make each race different. Those people are still around and we now know them as the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. They have some of the oldest genetic markers in the world (meaning that they are the oldest modern humans on earth) Just look at their features...they have skin that is in not dark(compared to other African peoples) that is able to tan, they have the eyes of Asians, noses of middle Easterners(caucasians) and then some.

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    Just because a people has the oldest existant genetic markers doesn't make them the ancestors of the rest of humanity anymore than the oldest member of a family is necessarily the ancestor of all the others.

    Just to reiterate, we not only evolved from the same species, we ARE the same species. All of us. By definition. Humans of all races can interbreed, that makes us all the same species.

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