I don't think that the Mormons are Christians, what do you think?

The Trinity: 3 beings in one GOD. GOD the Father,GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Sprit.

Mormons believe that there are two seperate Gods and don't even think that the holy sprit is a GOD.

They don't believe that Jesus Chrsit died for our sins or is our savior. They think the only way we can get to heaven is by good works. Based on Ephesians 2:8-9, that's not true.

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    You shud study at your local colege,my morman freinds are good christains. Your facts are all out of wack.

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    I think that Mormons are some of the nicest people in the world, unfortunately being nice doesn't equal being a Christian. C.S. Lewis (the same author of the Chronicles of Narnia) makes the same case in "Mere Christianity" a book very worth while checking out. He points out that calling someone a Christian is not the same thing as saying a "gentleman" or a "lady." A Christian is very implicitly a follower of Christ. And to follow Christ, you must follow his doctrine...his Word. There are many discrepancies between Mormanism and Christianity. The one that I want to point out is the Book of Morman. I believe Joseph Smith, the author of the Book of Morman was a good writer, not another prophet being directed by an angel. The reason I believe this is because in Revelation 22:18-19 is a warning for NO ONE to add or take away from "the words of prophecy of this book." The Bible was already whole and needed no addition. A true Christian would not add to the Word of God.

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    This is a very touchy subject. There is so many beliefs in todays world. Everyone interpreters the word of God different. The only thing that is important is WHO WE KNOW NOT WHERE WE GO!!!!! Why argue over who is right or who is wrong. Why not look at the the word of God... John 3:16...

    Also There is only one way to the father and that is through Jesus Christ..... We are not put on this earth to judge one anothers heart. That is Gods Job and not ours.. Why not spend our time on telling people about salvation and Gods GRACE, instead of whose religion is right or wrong.. In the end the ones that have been born again and have accepted Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior will Inherit the Kingdom Of God....

    One thing I have learned in My life is that God Does Not Need Defending.. He Is The King Of Kings And The Lord Of Lords.. He Is The Almighty "I AM"..

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    You need to ask yourself, what is a Christian? The bible states that the devil believes in God and trembles so belief in God is not what makes a Christian. Christian means being Christ-like or like Christ. Putting others down or other churches down is not being a Christian or saying someone is not Christian just because maybe they believe something a bit different than you do. There are good true Christians in every church doing all they know to be right and good but there are also those that claim to be but are not. Works do not get us to Heaven but it is the evidence that we are saved by faith that we do works. Faith without works is dead but the works are a sign that you are saved. You can also have works without being saved but that is earning your way which nobody can. If you have the faith, you will have the works but not necessarily the other way around.

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    The Church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints (the mormons),clearly are christians. Hence the name of the savior in the title.

    So many misconceptions about this church have been founded by folks who spread misinformation or half truths.Either by deceit or ignorance.

    Perhaps the best way to find out who they are is to attend a sunday service yourslf. Look, your relationship with God is (and should be) a personal one. Attend a service, listen to what they have to say, and then go home and PRAY, ask god for his guidence. A true and merciful God wants you to seek him and ask questions. He will give you an answer if you seek him earnestly, I can't quote the scipture, but in the bible he says that those who are honest, and earnest, in the quest for answers should ask.

    Many faiths compete for your allegence and some are willing to slander others to keep a hold on your soul (or tithing).

    I will point out the LDS(latter day saints) members do not believe in the Trinity, with good cause. God is One individual. Christ is the SON of God, Hence, when on the cross, he didn't ask "Oh my why have I forsaken MYSELF", In Christ's moment of doubt, he looked to heaven and asked "FATHER.....why hast thou forsaken me?"

    If one reads the new testament, at no point does Christ ever claim to be God. In fact he is asked numberous times about this and the only claim Christ makes is that he is the Son.

    The whole myth of the trinty, comes from a literal (and liberal interpretation of the book of John where (perhaps through a mistake in translation) john writes that the word of God was made flesh.

    There is another differnece between some branches of christians. LDS members believe that no mans reaches god but thru Christ, However it is not belived that a one time "SAVING", Provides a blanket of invincability, thru which man gets a free pass to heaven despite future actions.

    While it is a wonderful thing to have faith in Christ, one should always strive to do the works of God, while here on earth.

    Perhaps that is why most LDS members are family oriented, community leaders, who don't beleve in partying all week long at the bar only to be a saint on sunday.

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    Mormons do believe in Jesus. I have neighbors that are mormon and they are really nice. And if you belive in Jesus then you believe in the trinity. All the trinity says is that Jesus is our father, Jesus is God's son and Jesus is the Holy spirit. Has nothing to do with three different beings in one. They just look at it a different way as Catholics do, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. Every church started from the Catholic church and they broke off because they didn't like maybe one thing.

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    The Mormon church in a God who is NOT the Christian God (not the God of the Bible), and in a Jesus who is NOT the Christian Jesus (not the Jesus of the Bible).

    The Mormon God is a created being, who has a father and mother in heaven, grand parents, many wives etc. The Christian God is none of the above. The Mormon God was once a man on a planet, and he evolved into God by obedience to the Mormon Gospel.

    The Christian God (based on what the Bible teaches) is none of these things (mentioned above).

    The Mormon Jesus is a created being who did not exist for ever. And he is the literal blood-brother of Satan. The Mormon Jesus was literally born (in heaven) to a Heavenly mother. And on earth, the Mormon Jesus was born as the result of sexual intercourse between the Mormon God and Mary.

    The Christian Jesus (based on the Bible) is none of the above.




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    No, they believe in another Jesus than the one in the bible. They believe in one that came to the United States and revealed new revelation to a known con man named Joesph Smith. Research the founder and find out how he died, killing people in a jail break, not quite the christian thing to do. You ever wonder why the Mormon bible sometimes is word for word copy of the new testament including being written in sixteenth century English yet the Mormon bible was written during a period when we didn't speak in sixteenth century English. When Jesus was talking about other sheep he was clearly talking about us gentiles not a group of people in the United States. Mormons believe they can have more than one wife if the local laws allow, yet their own Mormon bible says you will have but one wife. Their is a way that seems right unto man that leads to destruction. We will not all become Gods, their is only one God. The bible clearly warns about people coming claiming to be Jesus. Which Jesus will you follow?

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    To be a Christian is not to "BELIEVE IN GOD" A christian is someone who strive to BE like God..The real translation is "little Jesus'" No, I do not believe that mormons are true Christians but I do believe that some of them are very sincere but that still wont get then to Heaven. By the way...try reading Col 2:9, John 1:1,14 and the book of Isaiah and let me know if you still believe in the trinity... :)

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    The TRINITY of God as 3 seperate persons is a lie from the Vatican.

    It is paganism plain and sure.

    God is not 3, and He is not 2. He is ONE!

    I TIMOTHY 3:16

    And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.


    For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

    To know more click here...


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    I don't believe in the Trinity either, does this make me not a Christian... No.

    Christianity is based upon Judiaism which states that there is only one God, not two or three, or several thousand. Based upon that one thought alone, that there is only ONE God, I cannot place Mormonism with Christianity. Two Culturally different religions.

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