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Do those male "enhancement" products for men really work?

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    No, they do not. They are just ploys by companies to milk insecure men out of lots of money. Why else do the pills cost a lot of money and you need to use them constantly for several months?

    Often they contain herbs or materials that could actually be harmful to the human body in the quantities they place in the pills.

    The only male enhancement technique that actually "works" (to use the term loosely) is penile enlargement surgery which comes with its own hosts of dangers and problems ranging from lose of sensation to possible blood clots in the penis or the risk of impotence. It is a radical surgery on a most sensitive part of the body.

    Essentially size does not matter. The most sensitive areas of a woman's vagina lie within the first two inches inward so most penises can stimulate that area. Most women actually prefer smaller penises, remember the vagina can expand and contract to accommodate various size penises. Also, it is not the size of the equipment, but how the person uses it. Also, sex is much much more that the act of inserting and stroking your penis inside a vagina. That is just one aspect of an entire series of acts in the course of lovemaking.

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    go alternative(herbs & such)...prescriptions have too many side effects...I was told by 5 guys in late 40's and 4 grandpas including mine...I hope I won't ever need that stuff so I'm takin care of the system now at early age.

    you ment like viagra...right?

    if you ment enlargements...then ask differently.

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    I don't think they work.

    But unless yr "thing" is verrry verrry small, u should not worry too much about it. A woman doesn't need a too big tool to get satisfied!

    The things they sell out there are just for making money for themselves.

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    Dont know since I was born with a huge pen15 and dont need them.

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    They only thing they will do, guaranteed, is drain you of precious cash that could be spent on other things.

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    If they did, they wouldn't need so many commercials, word of mouth would be enough.

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    of course! they r taking your money!

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    I'm too big already.

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