how do you know when a guy is truly a virgin and not just trying to get in your pants?

I am a 25 yr old Christian female, waiting for Mr. Right. So many times I date a guy and they say they are a virgin but find out within' a month after dating that they are not. Im not saying I'm better than they are but I am not wanting to go down that road until marriage. I want a real guy, one that is truthful!! Is there a way to find out really if a guy is a virgin, or wanting to live a virgin life?

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    OK guys will tel you anything to get into your pants (not all of them but its true so plz guys don't get offended) I'm a Christian too and ne ways its hard I'm in the dating game too yeah i hate to say it but the best advice is to not date until you find the guy God intends for you i was doing that but i decided to experiment around but i mean God will tell you who the right guy is my youth pastors wife didn't date until she met him so i know its possible i would recommend asking God to reveal him to you that is the best bet and that is good that you are 25 and a virgin that is something that alot of girls cant do and your should be happy you made good decisions thus far but like i said pray for him (the "Mr. right" and God will bring him i prayed about mine and still do i haven't met him yet but God told me where and when im going to meet him so i know that He will tell you if you ask too but don't be i to much of a hurry... my favorite quote is ... "Don't look for prince charming just be the Cinderella he would want to be with..."

    i know i probably didn't help BUT i just thought i would try lol

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    There really is no way to know for sure. BUT, if you date a Christian man, he should be truthful to you, and it's something you should talk about before things get TOO serious. HOWEVER, you shouldnt completely turn down a guy because he's had sex. Maybe he made a bad decision, maybe he did it before he was saved, maybe he just stumbled in his Christian walk. Unfortunately it happens. There is no reason anybody should lie about their sexual past when they're in a serious relationship. Good luck, I hope you find that Mr. Right.

    Source(s): I wasn't a virgin, but my hubby was when we got married...I made a mistake that I regret :( It happens. I'm just glad he didn't toss me aside because of it. We've been HAPPILY married for 5 years :)
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    I've a question, Christianpun. How do you 'find out within a month' that they're not virgin? Do you have a meter that works slow to show result in a month??

    Source(s): Thank you for the note. And remember 'every saint has a past and a satan, a future'.
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    When I was a virgin and it was time 4 me to come down to sex I didnt know how to start it so thats a good way

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    If you are not going to give in, then why worry? Time will tell if he is truthful or not. Trust until you have reason to believe he is lying. Don't just asssume all people lie to you. That would be a VERY lonely life!

    Source(s): Just MHO.
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    i dont think of you're able to be asking if the adult adult males are properly worth it yet fairly if youre properly worth it, via fact they wont remember interior the long-term.. how lots does your virginity mean to YOU, via fact it probable wouldnt mean that lots to somebody who lied to you and cheated on you together as he became into pretending to anticipate you! it shouldnt be whether or no longer the guy will anticipate you via fact its no longer his selection and it shouldnt be if i wont have intercourse with you, will you in simple terms bypass try this - i dont think of its lots to ask of somebody to easily stick it out and anticipate you to be waiting.. if waiting till every time or till your waiting is whats it significant to then you definitely it will be significant to the guy whos extremely "properly worth it" and he will % you to try this for your self and via the way 17 isn't that previous, everybody in simple terms seems to be thinking that dropping your virginity at like 15 is the norm those days..

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    My cousin saved herself for marriage, and found herself married to a budding transvestite who couldn't. Is that what you are looking for, a permanent virgin?

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    why the hell do you want one of those? no experience in the sack. not a good look. too bad about the christian thing

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    The only way to know is by their word. No physical way to tell. I guess if you were psychic you might have an edge. :-)

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    Just ask his friends if he is, Because no guy can keep that a secret.

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