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Did Elvis Presley play the piano? If so, how well, and where did he learn? Any on any recordings?

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    Yes he did. He learned as a child. He wasn't fantastic but he could "hold his own". There is a DVD of his last public performance floating around in cyberspace where he is playing a solo version of the Righteous Brother's song "Unchained Melody". He plays piano and sings. Shortly after the video he died. He looks absolutely terrible in the video and I wish that I had a copy, but I no longer have it. Elvis also liked to plunk around on a bass guitar and it's at Graceland. I went many years ago and the guide knew him personally and said that Elvis loved bass so much he wanted to play it in the band, but Colonel Tom Parker told him that a lead singer shouldn't be allowed to play bass, and he wouldn't allow Elvis to play on stage.

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    I've never heard that Presley did any recorded lead solos. He relied upon Scotty Moore on his Les Paul to take care of that. But it's possible when Elvis would kick back in privacy he may have picked out some tunes, but that's a guess on my part. He was more interested in playing rhythm for his songs.

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    He did play. Most of his talents were self taught. He was a very talented man. He played the piano in his last concert.

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    yes he played the paino..very very well..he was amazing..he loved playing his piano when he sang his gospel songs and he got very involved in his gospel songs.i did see a perfomance on one off my dvds of bridge over troubled waters that he did play the paino.i am not sure on any of the recordings.but im sure their should be.

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    I was watching his last concert and on Uchained Mellody it looks to me like somebody offstage was really the one playing,it just looked off.

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