Why do girls become porn stars?

I know some girls do it for the money and others have messed up backgrounds (sexually abused, etc.). But are there any other reasons a girl would want to become a porn star? I'm interested in the psychology and background of female pornstars. Any additional references would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


All these responses are very plausible and help extrapolate the motives a woman may have for entering a profession where she exposes the most private parts of her body to public exposure. For those women who do not "enjoy" the sex, how does the girl feel after engaging in an intimate physical activity with a man she may barely know, like, or be attracted to at all and if these feelings are negative, what outweighs these feelings so that she continues in the profession? Another related topic is that of prostitutes. What is the difference between prostitutes and porn stars?

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    Why would a female celebrity pose for Playboy for a million dollars?

    This question is related to your question, except that the power is more evenly spread out between the two parties: the beautiful woman and the publisher (who needs her famous name to increase circulation).

    In such a case, I think it's more a question of negotiation. It's largely economic decision-making. The female celebrity (or her agent) calculates the losses as well as the gains. Of course, these actresses usually wait till the end of their careers to drop the last piece of garment.

    But in the case of porn stars, I think Maslow's ladder of needs might come in handy. Beyond the need for affection and belonging (to a group, community, etc.), there is the need for self-esteem, which is achieved:

    1. internally, from something that you did well and are proud of

    2. externally, from people's recognition

    Porn stars are probably motivated by #2.

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    Firstly she should get her portfolio together. This dosent need to be totally professional, just merely a collection of photos that show her without make up and with. Next photos that show off her figure posed and not. With those approach a reputable agency for just advice to see if she has "something" They will give an honest opinion. Which she must listen to. Oh and make sure she takes a relative along. I always made sure the people I shot did. Not only for reassurance but peace of mind for them both that I was genuine, and I was acting in a purely professional manner BE VERY WARY of people who just approach you in the street. Theyre usually after money (to produce a portfolio- which arent neccessary) or worse. On NO account move into the porn industry, its littered with burnt out girls addicted to drink drugs, and have serious mental issues. Another important point is that if your friend has got talent, then having worked in the porn industry will come back to haunt her. Her future ability to use her talents will be ruined. I used to help friends and friends of friends to photo and produce a simple portfolio for them. 2 went to work in a London agency. Though i must have helped 30 people. By doing that I learnt what the agencies wanted.

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    Why Do Girls Do Porn

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    I think a majority if not all porn stars go into that field because they had abusive childhoods and if they say they didn't they are probably lying. Props to Jenna Jameson for keeping it real. It's every man's fantasy to have a woman who can have casual sex and love casual sex the way men do, so they are in denial about the whole abuse thing. Women are NOT born that way....they are wired that way from years for sexual abuse taking a toll on their self esteem.

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    For quick easy money. And just like most get rich quick plans they dont really think about the long term effects of doing a thing. Same as being a drug dealer, strong arming people, stick up kid, you not really thinking long term or picture cuz you're young and dumb.

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    Besides the messed-up ones there are are smart educated women in control of their careers and contracts like say Tera Patrick and Kiko Wu.

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    As you mentioned I think those are the most common but there are girls who really enjoy sex and want to experience lots of different things and get paid for it. It's also glamorous and it doesn't have as much of a stigma as it used to have.

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    They say father issues but I'm not sure how much truth or evidence there is to that theory, they probably just like money.

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