To all my cute fellows out there, can u please help me with my problem, I wud b very thankful!?

I'm an indian from Philippines...Philippines is my country of birth and i studied here until grade 8.I went to India to continue my grade 9 and 10th.I graduated in India. I came back to the Philippines in order to continue my college education. I am currently pursuing a course in BS Nursing, and now I am in second year college. I am planning to continue my education in UK. Is it possible if I don't present qualifications in english such as TOEFL OR IELTS because i haven't taken any of them but my education was taught in english. Will I be able to secure a student visa? but i am financially secured


i am applying to Access to Nursing Health Studies course at Wolverhampton College

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    How wud I address thee?Fil-indi?Anyway,I'm a Filipino working in the UK and in my opinion u wud certainly need to submit a proficiency test (ielts or toefl) to qualify entry in any university in the wud be best to check on the required score in the school of ur choice.I work as a physiotherapist in the isle of wight, england.but b4 I acquired my registration here I have to pass the required proficiency score, as required by the Health Professions Council, b4 further scrutiny was given to my credentials. As far as I'm aware, it takes 3-yrs to complete a nursing course here.the course offers more time on hands-on rather than theory. Nursing students here are sent out to different hospitals around the country for 3-months (i think) to do actual experiences and goes back to the university for lectures then sent out again. That's a rough idea. If u are a resident here (parents working here), the National Health Service (NHS) offers support to every individual taking up nursing course or physiotherapy for free. Actually, it's a study-now-pay-later scheme. I know it's none of my business whatever u decide for ur future, but let me give u an idea of what kind of life ul be having if u decide to study, work and live in England. (1)Everything here's soooo expensive!! As in EXPENSIVE!! (2)taxes are very high. (3) the more u work the more tax the gov't will take from u, in large portions. sometimes it's not even worth the hard-work. (4) this is a very lonely place to live in..compared to the united states of america. I don't know with other parts of the united kingdom. but..(5) british are very courteous people...most of them! And crimes are low as compared to the US. If u really intend to come here and need to take that proficiency test, toefl is being offered at the Second floor of the Ateneo Law School in Makati. U can take the test every month...that is if u failed the 1st one. But first, like I said b4. Chk the required score in the school/university u intend to go to.Visas are given once you're accepted in a school in the uk. because ul have to show that to the embassy. gud luck! (",). ps-chk with the british embassy website on "studying in the uk".

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    You will likely need a toefl score to gain entrance to university in UK.. and your visa will be given to you as long as you're financially secure, and you have an acceptance letter from the university.

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    don't you think its a bit sad to address that question to any cute guys.Is there no work you can get in the Philippines????????????????????????????

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