What are two good environmental careers?

One of my homework assignments is to describe two good environmental careers. All I could find through google was places to appply for environmental jobs. Anybody want to help me out? :)


Oh, and please don't link to any sites that only provide links to get an environmental job. I need information on two environmental careers - what they do.

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    Enviromental Careers, eh?

    1. Professional Geologist - Can do anything that involves the earth. Subsurface investigations for oil, water, methane, natural gas, and etc. Also can provide foundation strength information for construction projects.

    2. Enviromental Consulting and Research - Does studies to investigate ground conditions for development. Studies subsurface strata (composition, strentgh, and/or hydrology), provides summaries of contamination in the soil, and ways to clean up contamination.

    3. Hydogeologist - studies groundwater supplies. Most are independant or work for the gov't.

    4. Enviromental Lawyers - they do all the leagl begal stuff

    5. Enviromental Engineers & Landscape Planners - Provide ways to utilize green spaces to benficial for animals and humans.

    There are many more, these are just off the top of my head.

    Source(s): Geology Major.
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    I work for a waste oil recycling plant in/around Cincinnati, Oh. We buy waste oil from Lube shops, auto dealers, metalworking and automotive industries and wherever else we can get it. Example: Pay a quarter a gallon for it, filter it, treat it with a chemical called a demulsifier, heat it to 170 degrees. This process removes the water from it. It is sold as an alternative fuel to mainly asphalt plants for over a dollar a gallon. We plan to sell over 4 million gallons this year. It's a rather simple process, but expensive for sure. I have no college education. I do have at least 8 years working with chemicals in bulk quantity. Anyone can do this job. The oil we ship in and out is considered a non hazardous material. The "red water" removed from the oil is also non hazardous. It is shipped to a water treatment plant.

    Source(s): mstrunk@universalenviro.com if you want more info
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    Enviornment Lawyers are a good and booming one. With the industries popping up so much around the world, there are alot of habitats being destroyed. It is the lawyers job to protect the land we live in!

    There are also many agencies ran by the government who set the regulations. The EPA Enviornment Protection Agency is the national one in the US. If you were employed by this agency, it would be your job to help pass bills that will hopefully save the country from destruction!

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    E Jobs links to environmental opportunities in the USA and Canada. Employment includes careers such as environmental engineers, nature and wetlands scientists, GIS, technicians, chemists, earth sciences / geologists, policy and law, wildlife conservation, planning, education, wastewater treatment and operations, program and project management, natural resources, etc.

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    Become a park ranger, work for Greenpeace, or work for the Sierra club.

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    environmental planners and geohazards analyst are becoming popular.

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    Garbage man and the leader of the green party!!! LOL!!!

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