i'm going to travel across america with my husband, what kind of sightseeing places do you reccomend to visit?

So I am going to be starting in Connecticut, traveling through pennsylvania and stopping in ohio.then heading through Indiana and illinois, montana, kansas and then stopping in Colorado. then passing through Utah up to Idaho. in all those states, do you know of any awesome places a sightseer can visit? shops, gorgeous views, funky museums? If you know of any please let me know!! thanks!

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    In Colorado there is the Garden of the Gods- a beautiful park full of natural land formations. Also the Cave of the Winds, the Seven Falls and the Royal Gorge- I think they are all worth seeing. Also Independence Pass is a gorgeous drive up through the mountains to Aspen (or was it Vail?) Also there is Cripple Creek Colorado- and old gold rush town that is renewing itself with casinos. But don't think Vegas- this is a VERY rural, homey, interesting town with a great playhouse, $2 black jack & friendly dealers who will talk and joke with you. There are a few museums in town & interesting shops too. I think you can even go on a mine tour from there though I've never done it. It's just a great town full of history- you can actually get a full breakfast there for 50 cents. For great shopping I recommend Manitou Springs- full of small interesting shops & eateries. Not sure about the other states. I'm from Ct too and I also made this drive, except at Colorado I kept going west rather than turn north. have fun & good luck

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    Pennsylvania, visit the Liberty Bell

    Ohio, visit Cedar Point in Sandusky & an island on Lake Erie by ferry. (cheap). Also in Sandusky.

    Indiana- The speedways in Indianapolis.

    Illinois- Chicago, of course. SEARS tower. Lake Michigan.

    Nebraska- Old Market Shopping in Omaha. Spaghetti Works Restaurant.

    Kansas/Missouri- Worlds of Fun theme park.

    Idaho- Idaho Falls.

    Colorado - Denver, and maybe Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs.

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    when you get colorado u must go to the grand canyon it depends which way u r going through the south or north. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area in Idaho. Also, University of Kansas Natural History Museum. Topeka Civic Theatre is in the northeast part kansas.But that should help u out a lil. bit more!!!

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    in case you hit Southern California, you may hit some relaxing subject parks (once you're keen to spend funds): Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, Wild Rivers (a community waterpark, in Irvine). All are interior 2 hours of one yet another (Wild Rivers, D-Land and KBF are all interior about 40 5 minutes/miles, Six Flags is slightly farther out of how). i'd also advise the seashores. i'd advise some museums, yet in case you come back from London then it type of feels type of unnecessary.

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    Scary question since the next state over from Illinois is not Montana. And Kansas is not next to Montana.

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    You may want to re-ask the question with a new and better co-ordinated itinerary. Your travel plan doesn't make sense regarding several states so it is difficult to answer your question. If your itinerary stands true, you will be driving out of your way most of the trip. I do alot of traveling due to my job and can be of help but not with the travel plan you submitted.

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    For Montana go to Glacier park.

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    Swim in Utah's Salt Lake I heard you can float on it, but am not really sure.

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