How do you feel about all the immigration problems that we are having in the U.S.A?

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    1 decade ago
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    Freedom and justice are fading memories, the U.S. Constitution is "just a goddamn piece of paper," and the election process has been undermined. The jobs have been shipped overseas, the economy is hopeless, the environment is being raped, the Army is "broken," the infrastructure is crumbling, our borders are being dissolved, and every dollar or gold nugget that was subject to being looted, is already gone. With the entire nation and its population deep in debt, crashing the economy is a simple matter of raising interest rates, which will allow the bankers to once again scoop up all mortgaged property, and force its inhabitants out into the street. Instead of calling it illegal immigration, we should be calling it a foreign invasion, because the consequences of this invasion are as terminal to our freedoms and to our way of life as any act of terrorism ever perpetrated against us! The United States is being invaded - FOREIGN INVADERS.

    The American people need to understand that the United States is under attack!

    No, not by Iraq or Iran, but by Mexico! Yes, Martha, you had better believe it.

    The Mexican government is deliberately and systematically working to destabilize and undermine the very fabric and framework of American society.

    And President George W. Bush and Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy (among others) are aiding and abetting this effort. "

    Gramsci, a young communist who died in one of Mussolini's prisons in 1937 at the age of 46, conjured up the notion of a 'quiet' revolution that could be diffused throughout a culture -- over a period of time -- to destroy it from within. He was the first to suggest that the application of psychology to break the traditions, beliefs, morals, and will of a people could be accomplished quietly and without the possibility of resistance.

    ---------" Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice"---------------------: John Adams

    My goodness we are being invaded by dishwashers, cooks, fruit pickers,hotel workers. And MS-13. And try to sell the image of the sweet, hard working Mexican people someplace else because I know better

    ----------"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."-------

    ---------- Edmund Burke

    And what do you think you'll have when you destroy the American people and the American infrastructure?.

    Do you think you'll be free? Do you think you'll be masters of your destiny?

    Think again because the people that you are supporting - the illegal invaders to America aren't educated enough and they aren't smart enough. They will turn America into the same kind of country that Mexico is - a fascist state with a tiny minority controlling all the wealth and the rest of the people in abject poverty. They will be slaves - they are slaves and what this country is doing to them is an insult to them but they aren't bright enough to figure that out - and apparently Many American Citizens aren't either.

    Wealthy farmers and landowners have always considered the slavery as a birthright. Since the Civil War, it has been denied to them, but they got it back with the WTO GATS agreement.

    And therein lies the strategy for addressing the question of illegal aliens, the so-called ‘guest worker’ programs, the sale of American citizenship for profit and the destruction of the lives of American citizens who are being crushed financially, emotionally and spiritually by the WTO trade agreements.

    We have to start calling it what it is - Slave Trade and we need to dig out our blue uniforms and fight the war against the Slavers once again.

    Ain't dat right Mass'r Specter?

    For DELEGATE ZERO(Below)

    I Feel For You AND Your Family-I Am NOT Heartless

    BUT Youve Got To Understand That MY HOMELAND Is On The EDGE Of A Cliff And We Are Being PUSHED To The Edge

    Your Estimates For Deportation Are CONSERVATIVE When Compared To The HUGE IMPACT That US Taxpayers Shoulder EACH YEAR And The Costs Are MULTIPLYING As Fast As The Population Of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Is In This Country EVERY DAY

    According to TNRIP, the financial cost of this foreign invasion to U.S. taxpayers is staggering! Here is a break down of the annual costs:

    Education: $22.5 billion

    Bi-lingual Education: $3.3 billion

    AFDC: $2.4 billion

    SSI: $2.9 billion

    Social Security: $24.8 billion

    Housing Assistance: $2.6 billion

    Criminal Justice: $2.6 billion

    Jobs Lost by Americans: $10.8 billion

    Other Programs: $51.4 billion

    Food Stamps: $7 billion

    Health Care: $1.4 billion

    (That Totals $131.7 BILLION Annually Folks)

    I Can Appreciate Your Love For Your/OUR Country AND Your Family, But As You See, MY/OUR Country Is OVERWHELMED By The HUGE Burden Of SUPPORTING The INCREDIBLE AMOUNT Of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS From ANY Nation

    Please Understand That Although I Am Disheartened By YOUR Dilemna And The SAME Dilemna Of Many Other Families That Will Be Affected By This Critical Situation, MY Loyalty Lies In The HEALTH And WELLBEING Of My FLAG And My NATION And Its CITIZENS First


    Source(s): MORE Info and Links See My Blog
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The problem I have with immigration is the lack of enforcing the law. We do nothing about illegal immigrants. We know they are here. Yet, we don't enforce the laws.

    That's what bothers me about the Senate's act. The immigrants have to do all these things. But if they don't, then what? If the laws aren't enforced today, then why will they be enforced in the future.

    I want people to come to the United States. I want our country to be the "shining city on the hill." In addition, we need to enforce our immigration laws so that everyone has a fair chance to come to the US and be a citizen of the US.

    Perhaps we should look at the immigration policies of other countries and take a few tips?

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  • corl
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    3 years ago

    if something, the impression is small (no count number if advantageous or unfavourable). the sturdy factor is that unlawful immigrants furnish low-priced exertions that could help business enterprise (exceedingly agribusiness). maximum immigrants purely desire to artwork and characteristic of challenge to make some money and that i think of they are unfairly dealt with. the drag of unlawful immigration is that considering that they are undocumented, they do no longer pay earnings taxes (although definitely they pay revenues taxes). the greatest concern is that illegals additionally place a rigidity on public courses (for wellness, training, etc) considering that a lot of those courses are offered without question of immigration prestige (a minimum of that's genuine in CA). the definitely rigidity is arguable yet i'm advantageous their impression is considerable if no longer a substantial area of the difficulty. the only way this concern would be solved is by using purely starting to be a focused visitor worker application coupled with a crackdown on employers hiring illegals. ninety 9.9% of the individuals who come right here purely want a much better existence for their families. i say enable them to come again artwork, yet make advantageous they are interior the device so as that (a million) we are able to be certain they at the instant are not being exploited and (2) we are able to hint the money we are spending for them. extra, there must be a course to citizenship for people who come right here, play by using the policies, and desire to affix our united states of america. this might basically artwork although if there's a harsh crackdown on hiring illegals. in any different case, the individuals who play by using the policies won't get employed and the difficulty gets worse

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think it is insane that you have 10,000 felons marching down the streets in major cities that we as Americans pay for with our tax money. If you cross the border illegally that should make you a felon. I think we need stronger immigration laws. I would much rather pay $4.00 dollars for 4 tomatoes then take a $4.00 dollar pay cut to a unskilled worker. I think our government forgot about the middle class Americans.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My opinions will be expressed at the polls.

    I'm all for legal immigrant but irate about all the illegals getting benefits that American citizens cannot even get. This just isn't right.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Although I don't agree with all of the steps and payments you have to make to the INS to become legal, it is necessary for the general population. When you have more people than jobs it hurts the economy and degrades the nation.

    I know first hand because my wife is from Argentina and we had to spend thousands getting her legalized. It's not fair to steal your way into the country.

    And until you are legal, you have no right to protest.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    let them stay they help the economy let them help pay taxes god knows we need all the money we can give to Bush's mess up war! We need to vote for a Good change this november!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am the son of two Mexican immigrant farm workers who came to this country illegally and established legal residency. I am an American Citizen and very proud of it, but I would never deny my Mexican cultural background. My heart gushes blood with both American and Mexican foundations. I was very lucky to have been born in a country with the ideals and opportunities like the United States of America, which is what drew my parents here in the first place. To be honest with you, my parents love the United States but their hearts still lie in Mexico. My parents are law abiding residents, hard working, tax paying, God-fearing people who do all they can to live life in peace. Aside from all of this, my parents still dream of returning to Mexico when their bodies will inhibit their ability to work the unforgiving fields of California, this time is soon approaching. As an American citizen I also realize that this life of mine would not be possible without their initial illegal entry into this country, but I am not blind to the problems that immigration poses. I understand the frustration that some Americans feel, unfortunately most of them are Caucasian. I feel sometimes that post 9/11 America has become a fearful one, where fear along with anger will eradicate the image of what once was an understanding, and welcoming America. Perhaps the passing of this law will have no direct effect on me or my parents as far as the immigration efforts go. But one must not forget that the immediate deportation, arresting, documenting, etc., of over 10 million people would cost the United States billions of dollars. The Washington Post states

    “The study, "Deporting the Undocumented: A Cost Assessment," scheduled for release today by the Center for American Progress, is billed by its authors as the first-ever estimate of costs associated with arresting, detaining, prosecuting and removing immigrants who have entered the United States illegally or overstayed their visas. The total cost would be $206 billion to $230 billion over five years, depending on how many of the immigrants leave voluntarily...”

    The first year would tally in an amount of an estimated $41 billion alone. “$41 Billion exceeds the annual budget of the Department of Homeland Security”. Hence there lies a security paradox. Another thing to keep in mind is our national debt. It is the highest it has even been in our history as an independent Nation; over $9 Trillion and rising! Unfortunately I don’t have a direct answer to this question, which is why all people are debating it widely. But I would like to take the opportunity to point out that “American” overwhelmingly becomes Caucasian, the fear of immigration comes mostly from Middle and Upper class Caucasians. This is not to say that the arguments given forth in support of the Immigration Laws are ignorant, but rather due to coarse language and racist undertones, it becomes less of a national issue of more of a racial one. When I hear people talk in such a passionate fury against a race it makes me afraid, but afraid of my fellow American! Even though their anger might not be directed at me, I can’t help but feel a sting whenever some Americans berate another race, and in this particular case my own. I think it is important to take a step back once in a while and try to understand both sides of the story. I have read everything in Yahoo Answers, some sound blatantly racist against Mexicans. Others are more understanding of the issue and point out that there are good immigrants but would still support tougher border laws. I respect their outlook a little more simply because of their understanding. It is important to remember that these people seek America because of what it represents; Freedom. Some Americans like to say they offered Freedom the Iraqi people and it would be a shame, in my opinion, to deny it to people already in the United States. Freedom is a soul’s right to breathe, to exist, and pursue happiness. These are the very roots of this great nation. What I wanted to point out is that any answer will not be an easy one. Ideally, there would be a compromise reached between these two opposing sides, I just want people to understand that this issue is not just black and white and many things should be taken into consideration. In particular, this JD character who seems pretty passionate about this issue…I am not denying the validity to some (definitely not all) of your arguments, but do not fail to see both sides of the issue, or more importantly what either outcome might have on you and the rest of this country. And do you seriously believe that Mexicans are out to destroy the infrastructure of the United States???? Please...Lets be serious for a second, even if joking lets be responsible with our comments...We should all keep in mind for example, ridding this country of all illegal immigrants WILL NEVER rid this country of poverty, crime, or corruption and to think that the extradition of an entire group of people (whether determined by race, sex, religion, or in this case residential status) will, is ridiculous (I hope this pattern rings a bell for people circa 1940’s). If this is indeed an attempt to make America safer then we should never let our own fear blind us into closing ourselves from the rest of the world and turning our fear into anger, lashing at those that are different from us. We should not be afraid of each other! This country was not born of fearful men; it was born of men who believed in the equality of human life and the right to exist in freedom and sovereignty. But I am also not ignorant that at first this statement excluded African American slaves and this is precisely why understanding is essential and critical.

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  • T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L. - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch! Enter legally and pay your dues.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If they r illegal then they need to get their papers. I would know I am in Texas and I am part hispanic. My ancestors got theirs. Besides the U.S. stole it fair and square.

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