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How can I straighten a painting that has been punched out so now there's a protruding bump in canvas center

It is a 40 year old oil painting about 36 X 20"

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    I've had this happen to my oil paintings from time to time due to people bungling the shipping! My husband pressed his hand into one and I used this following procedure to fix it.

    Here's what I did.... the idea is to shrink the bubbled up area and get the whole painting stretched uniformly.

    Begin by putting the canvas, painted side down, on a plastic covered table. (Raw canvas on the back of the painting should be up.)

    Heat up but don't boil 4-6 cups of water. Water should be hot but not burning to the touch. Using a big, flat, clean sponge, dip into the hot water, squeeze out gently so that the sponge is half full but not soaking.

    In concentric circles, gently press the sponge into the canvas and work your way to the edges of the canvas. Repeat several times until the bubble has disappeared and the whole canvas is becoming tighter.

    At the end of the process, soak up any extra water with the sponge. The whole surface should be very damp to the touch, but get rid of any puddles of water.

    Leave the canvas flat on the table! Don't Touch It!!!! Don't lift it up!

    Come back in 4 to 6 hours and check for any dampness. If it is dry after a few hours, and it should be, then lift it up. The painting should look really good again... or at least much better than before.

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): Been there and fixed that before!
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    How unfortunate! First, you must accept that it will never be the same. Secondly, you do have the option of contracting a conservater at any reputable museum to help you restore the painting's shape. To try something yourself, you could: mix acrylic gel medium with water (50/50) and put into a spray bottle. Spray the BACKSIDE of the canvas (lightly, perhaps even in thin layers) and allow to dry. Hopefully, the gel medium will make the canvas contract and become tighter.

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    Not sure about this for an older canvas, but I do this with my newer canvases in progress. I take a slightly damp sponge and dampen the back of the canves. Moisture makes it shrink after stretching it out with paintbrushes, etc. I would be careful with such an old painting, but it should work as long as the water won't damage it. Make sure it's pure water without a lot of additives.

    Note: And DO NOT iron it. :)

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    ironing as suggested by another answerer will ruin the pigments in the paint. If the paint is not too brittle and flaky the canvas could be taken off its frame and restretched and re stapled.

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    2 ways, 1 is to spray turps on the back of the canvas, but even stronge (since its so old) is to spray auto varnich to the back, the resulting tightening could well straighten things out

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    Do not use an iron it will wreck the paint. It has to be re-stretched on stretcher bars. A frame shop can do it.

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    iron it out.

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