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Why does injecting air into your veins kill you?


I know that your lungs filter air into your bloodstream, but what is it about an air bubble that is lethal?

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    This is sort of a myth, with some exceptions. I remember as a kid hearing that a single bubble of air would kill you. This is simply not the case. A small bubble in your vein is not harmful. Now if you send a large bubble of air back to your heart, you create an air embolism. Air takes up space and in an enclosed area, like a blood vessel it can get lodged and can prevent blood getting past it. Even then it may not kill you, but it could cause an infarct (lack of blood/O2 supply causing cellular death)

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    Injecting Air Into Veins

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    Depends on the size of the air bubble, your body will absorb air that comes into the vein, but if the bubble is too big it cannot be absorbed and if it reaches your heart you will die. There is a practice called 'Packing testosterone'. Body builders who inject testosterone will actually put a small air bubble in the syringe which helps pack the testosterone into the muscle for optimum performance. This however is a very small amount. A little air in the vein is fine. This is something that you should never try alone, heck I wouldn't try it period lol!

    There are some cases where at the hospital and they put in the IV there is bubbles that will get in the line, this is perfectly fine because your blood absorbs it quickly. A syringe full of air injected into your vein would most likely get pumped to your heart and cause a massive heart attack.

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    Practically i did this experiment, i took 6ml siring and injected air in to my veins of hand, like this i did for 3 times. For 8-10 hours it was paining after that pain gone and nothing happened to me. is that 6ml or 10ml of air bubble is not sufficient to kill or what.

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    Actually, injecting small amounts of air into your veins does not kill you. If you've ever had an iv at the hospital, you'd see air bubbles going into you. I asked the nurse about this, and she said that your blood is oxygenated, so small amounts do not harm you at all.

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    It might kill you but not necessarily. When you inject air into your veins your blood pressure will push that air into your heart and brain that were not created for all air elements! When you breath, air enters your lungs but then is filtered eliminating all of the "bad" or un-useful air when you breath out, then the good air (mainly oxygen) is introduced into you blood stream and distributed throughout your body in the proper amount. God made you just right - don't mess with your body in that way!

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    Extremely hard to do via the vein route. Your lungs will filter out the air before it has the chance to make it to your heart. Expect alot of coughing if you chose to try it with a large volume of air.

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    What happens is, your body is expecting cells to give it plain oxygen, and injecting unfiltered air not only makes it so unlimited air can go anywhere, but it also may cause the blood to coagulate(dry, scab up) in your veins. In other words, the air can kind of fill up any receptors for oxygen up like balloons, and, well, you know what happens when you put too much air into a balloon. Also, it's not clean, so germs directly from the air that your lungs would usually try to filter out are free to get to you. Well, I hope that answered your question (and didn't totally gross you out). :)

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