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What is difference between line of control and working boundry between Pakistan and india?

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    Basically the border between two countries is called as international Border. However, the situation between Pakistan and India is some how different. Between Pakistan and India lies the disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir which as per the Un resolution not an integral part of any country untill people of Kashmir decide through vote to which country they want to amalgamate. Now the Kashmir is divided into two parts and the border dividing Kashmir into indian kashmir and Pakistani kashmir is called Line of Control means both side undecided Kashmir. On the other side where border of indian Kashmir touches Pakistan border, it is called working boundry means one side Pakistan and other side Indian held Kashmir.

    I hope this will suffice your query.

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  • 3 years ago

    Working Boundary India Pakistan

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  • 5 years ago

    Basically there are 4 types of borders between India and Pakistan

    1,LOAC(Line of Actual contact).Siachin Area

    2,LOC (Line of control).Kashmir Border

    3.International Border.Sialkot Border

    4.Working Boundary.Lahore Border

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    4 years ago

    Hi wiseguy, from an English prospective, I have seen my team over the years suffer quite simply because we didn't have good enough cricketers to compete against certain nations. We are however, very lucky to have Sky TV in England, the money they plough into sport is astronomical. For example, the English premier league becoming a global brand was because of Sky. Cricket has seen a similar trend, the money that has gone into English cricket has made a real difference from basic grass roots, to women's, to schools of excellence, to coaching, to overseas development (we now have a school of excellence in the sub continent). A simply example, our local pavilion burnt down and the ECB gave us a grant to rebuild it. After a generation of this, we are seeing strength in depth coming through these routes onto the international scene. Now England have a team stronger then i have ever seen, we have dozens of test match quality players who can't even get into the side. So to answer your question, massive credit goes to Pakistan and Ajmal in particular. But also, England where a very strong side going through a bad spell, many people mistook this for England being a bad side.

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  • 5 years ago

    @Kd...International border is Lahore boundary and working boundary is sialkot border

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    5 years ago

    simple but comprehensive

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