What are the symptons of gastric problems and how can this be solved?

My mum is suffering from stomach aches and she has been diagnosed to have gastric problems and I want a solution to her problem.Can some one please help me?

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    Once the doctor tells you what's causing the stomach aches, ask the doctor what can be done to treat the stomach aches. He may not be sure what is causing them. If they only started recently after she began taking a new medication, maybe the medication is causing the gastric distress. If they only occur at night when she's lying down, maybe it's an "acid reflux" symptom which can be treated. She could try staying on a very bland food diet and if her condition improved, she could tell her doctor so that he would know what the problem is. There are hundreds of gastrointestinal problems that your mother may have, and you need to continue monitoring her symptoms and comparing them to those you can read about on medical websites such as

    http://www.webMd.com and http://nihseniorhealth.gov/listoftopics.html

    Also, hospitals have telephone assistance for people calling in with medical problems that need help. Ask for the "nurses hot line" or doctor referral information.

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    If it's acid reflux then doctors can give her med's that she can take everyday like Nexum....

    Symptoms are normally:

    Besides the discomfort of heartburn, reflux results in symptoms of esophageal inflammation,pain on swallowing and difficult swallowing. The acid reflux may also cause pulmonary symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, asthma, aspiration pneumonia and interstitial fibrosis; oral symptoms such as tooth enamel decay, gingivitis, halitosis and waterbrash; throat symptoms such as a soreness, laryngitis, and hoarseness; and earache...

    I have acid reflux and it's not fun at all..

    They can also do surgery on you to help out..

    I'm not sure what it's called again but I hear it


    Tell your mom not to eat spicy foods, fatty foods, foods with acid, fried or dairy.

    I know it doesn't really leave much else to eat but that's they only way to not let it get the best of you...

    I have really bad acid reflux and it's painful at times and better at others... Just, let her know a good diet and the right med's will help!

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