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What are some basic signs of a gambling addiction?

I'm afraid that someone I care for deeply may be addicted to gambling. How can I know for sure, and how could I address them about this situation?

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    Ask to borrow increasing amounts of money. Loses time from work. Lost a job or a relationship that was important. Change in attitude, anger, argues, distant, uncaring. Says they have quit but you know they haven't. Brag and lie about winning and tries to minimize losses. Depression. Bills are not being payed. Gambles to try and get back(even). Starts to break the law, fraud, forgery, theft. Health starts to decline. Loses interest in family, job, hobbies. No explanation for whereabouts. The increased need to gamble more often with greater amounts. These are just some that come to mind and there are probably 100 more. The hardest part is the same as it is with any addiction, if the person cannot recognize they have a problem it's almost impossible to help them or for them to help themselves. You can try talking to them and bring to their attention the damage being caused by their actions and offer your support in their recovery, but after that it's pretty much up to them.

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    The Orygun Kid is right on with the signs. I work in online gaming and have a family member with a drug addiction. As a friend you can tell them your worried about them. If they ever ask you for money for any reason, either buy it for them or dont give them any money at all. The only way an addict can learn is by hitting rock bottom. To many times I have seen an addict almost hit but got saved by someone. They begin to think they will always have a way out and just keep doing it. Do not enable them to continue there addiction. They will only take you down with them.

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    If you were a guy I would say if you spend more time thinking about gambling than you do about sex.

    OK let's get serious .You can always find money to gamble but not to pay bills.

    You risk money needed to maintain a comfortable life style.

    You run to the casino with every spare dollar you get.

    You are always trying to come up with some miracle method to beat the game and buy every system going.All systems work sometime all systems fail most times.

    A great deal of experience payed for at a hi cost is required to win casino games.


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    gambling is just like a drug addiction, sometimes worse. If they don't want to help themselves then it will be very hard for you or anybody else to help him/her get over the addiction. Signs are: Mood Swings, stealing from friends and family and even strangers. Loss of self esteem. Whatever the signs are, they are going to want to get help themselves before anyone can help them

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    basic signs: sensitive, anxious, emotional, impatient, anger issue, keep borrowing money (if he losses)/ keep spending money (if he wins)

    you cant know for sure, except you follow him/her, asking will only give you a dishonest answer

    once you know for sure, try to tell him/her nicely first

    if it fails, you need to tell them HARSHLY that gambling leads to failure (huge debt, loss of the loved ones, crazyness, etc)!

    if it's possible, try to control his/her money

    i'm serious.. some important people in my life had gambling problems too

    hope you can help him/her to solve the problem

    uncontrolled gambling is the same as drugs

    good luck, be strong and be patient =)

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    Check his pockets and follow him. Tell him you will not marry him if he don't stop.

    You understand that this was a only a joke. The only wise solution is to ask him. If he is not sincere, that means that his addiction is more important for him than you. And this means that this is a one way friendship.

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    Is it all they do ?

    Is it all they want to do ?

    Do they spend money that they don't have to bet ?

    Do they lie about their activities ?

    Yes to more than 2 or 3 of these would indicate to me they have a problem.

    Source(s): University of Life http://www.mccraw.cc/
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    well one thing is if they go every week and they don't know how to stop. also, if they spend all their money think that they are going to break the casino. it'll never happen.

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