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Keyboard Error no Keyboard Present press F1 2 continue if no keyboard detected, what do i push?

My sister got an interesting error msg. on her computer says: Keyboard Error or no Keyboard Present press F1 to continue, Press Delete to enter setup.

Her Question is:

If it says there's no keyboard detected, WHAT DO I PUSH?

The Question is NOT what causes the error *Note to those who would tell me to go into BIOS... you need a keyboard for that that too, so, WHAT DO I PUSH?

*Note* it is a working Ps2 not USB keyboard plugged into the correct port, tested on other computer, & another keyboard was tried & same message comes up, and same msg comes up with USB keyboard too, so, WHAT DO I PUSH?

Is this Microsoft, or what? Microsoft: Many Immature Computer Retarded Operators Scream Over Freak Typeset -The Microsoft crack isn't asking if it's a software problem, refers to the error msg.

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    Reset CMOS. Better still, remove and replace the CMOS battery. If that does not work, then you need to have the motherboard tested to see if the back panel connectors are working properly.

    Edited- PN she said she already checked the keyboard on another pc, besides if the CMOS battery dies, it can do so quickly so you would not be able to tell if time was kept properly. This is from years of experience with PC repair, so before you answer, read the question.

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    Your keyboard is defective. You can get a new keyboard for $10 at Best Buy. Don't reset your CMOS, that's stupid. If it was the CMOS battery, then your pc would'nt keep time correctly.

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    You can't push anything, if the computer isn't seeing the keyboard. if you have a good working keyboard, and I see that you do, it could very well be a bad ps2 socket on the motherboard.

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