What type of wine would you serve with lobster?

I will be entertaining the Bishop in the next two weeks and want to make a good impression on him. Mrs Sharples, my housekeeper has tipped me off that he enjoys lobster but I can't remember which type is best with fish. Is it red wine or white wine?

Thanking you, Father Frank.

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    An perfect wine for such an important occasion and guest is Champagne.

    Alternatively a good Chardonnay, such as a Puligny or Chassagne-Montrachet would hit the spot. White wine would be traditional, and the best option here (even if the lobster is red :)

    You don't say how Mrs Sharples will be preparing the crustacean. If she is inclined to Lobster Mayonnaise then the crisper Pouilly-Fume or Sancerre would hit the spot, but if she is doing a Thermidore then a Meursault, or one of those fat buttery Chardonnays from the colonies - California produces some credible examples.

    If in doubt, you can't go wrong with Champagne.

    One thing is certain, you don't want to skimp on having good wine.

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    With shellfish, full-bodied, complex, and luscious white wines are generally the rule. Preparation is critical. Lots of shellfish is simply prepared -- broiled lobster, steamed clams, or fresh cracked crab. If there’s a sauce, the wine can be a touch richer and more complex. Try the time-honored match of cracked crab with Chardonnay, or broiled lobster served with drawn butter and Meursault.

    Shellfish with more pronounced flavors like clams and mussels are best with sharp white wines that keep pace with the inherent ocean flavors. Be careful with red wines, though, as they can have an unpleasant metallic interaction with marine life. Shellfish dishes incorporating red wine (say sautéed shrimp with red wine, tomato and garlic) can be tasty with moderate red wines that are round and not very tannic, especially Pinot Noir, Chianti, Sangiovese and Gamay Noir.

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    Unlike other seafood, which shines with white wines, lobster is a richly flavored dish, generally served with drawn butter and lemon. Such strong flavors will stand up well to a syrah. You can also experiment with the white or rose-colored versions of well-known reds, such as white zinfandel.

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  • every christmas eve my aunt makes a lobster dish and serves a good dry red wine. this has become been tradition for us.

    enjoy your visit.

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    Some wines recommended by a food/wine matching site:


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    He's the bishop. He can have any kind of wine he wants. Why not inquire about his favorites and serve something you know he will enjoy?

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    White Wine is great with any sea food. Red wines are great with steak or any type of beef.

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    white wine is always best with white meat and red wine with red meat.

    although current custom is not so strict on standards and others are now more experimental, i'd stick to tradition when not so certain.

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    I agree with champagne or a good sparkling white wine, very chilled.

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