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I have a question about dancing. This is only for Nazarenes?

i don't understand what nazarenes have against dancing. Please help.

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    Some churches frown on all kinds of dancing because it could lead to "clubbing" or something similar that is for desires and lust and cause people to be tempted and choose to sin.

    Scripture says to flee from situations or stay away from them(like Joseph did with Potiphers wife) so you arent tempted and fall into sin.

    David Danced. But he was dancing for Joy in the Lord.

    There is a difference between the two.

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    I'm not Nazarene but I was raised strict fundamentalist so I understand what your talking about.The way the old folk explained it to me was that they believed it was flirting at the door step to immorality.Today I see nothing wrong with a dance with your husband or wife, but I do think there is something wrong with getting down and dirty, especially if it is not with your spouse. Just like many legalistic things, they are take to the extreme.Surely there is a middle of the road where we can all meet.I'm not talking about compromising our faith, just not being so legalistic.

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    And let us not forget that David danced naked around that fire too.

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