Why can't I proofread my own papers?

Without fail, every time I proofread my own papers, I always miss something including typos, missing words, or little grammatical errors that I know the rules to but somehow forgot to include. I am an English major and work as a tutor, so this is highly embarassing to have these mistakes in my own work. Any suggesstions?

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  • Dave
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    When you originate a written work, it's natural to skip over things, believing you couldn't have made a mistake here, there, etc.

    When you're looking at someone else's work, it's not familiar to you. It's natural to look at every word and phrase with scrutiny. Not so with your own work.

  • It is advisable that after you have completed your paper, research, letters or any other type of written communication, you step away for ten or fifteen minutes, then come back to it again. You will be able to give your eyes and mind a rest and see it from a new perspective when you come back to it. If on the other hand you are writing a response that has a lot of emotion (anger, love, etc.) you should write the letter and then wait 24 hours before you send it. Look at it again, to see not only if you still feel with the same intensity or if the hours have given you a different perspective. You will also be able to pick up grammatical and spelling mistakes that you did not see before.

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    also along with the first person, if you are reading it shortly after writing it then you are less likely to notice errors due to the fact that you havent had time to refuel since writing. Give it a few days and then proofread again and see how that works

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    I write for a living and have this same problem. I have to take a short break and move into another room to proofread. This "removes" me from the drafting part of work. Good luck.

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    You know what you wrote, and what you intended to put on paper. What ends up happening, then, is that you insert what you meant to say instead of what actually put down on paper.

    When someone else reads it, they don't know exactly what you're trying to say, so they don't have such biases.

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    Because a second set of eyes is always better than one when it comes to things like that. They will catch something that you mistakenly missed.

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    Try proofreading papers backwards - tpyos and such will leap right out at you.

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    u should read it aloud to ur self because when u say the sentences u can catch mistakes rather than letting ur brain read it because ur brain thinks ur rite because u believe u dont have any errors

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    i tihnk that other people can catch someone elses better then they can catch there own.

    love Kat

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