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Anonymous asked in HealthAlternative Medicine · 2 decades ago

is anyone familar with solomon wickey..have you visited him and what were results?


Also if you did, what is the procedure? Is there a waiting room and do you get any orientation. Was it interesing in the waiting room talking to people?

My cousin's daughter in her 20's had 4th stage breast cancer which had spread to her sacruum with a hughe tumor and was given a year to live. She went to Solomon and followed to the letter not deviating one drop from the sheet and she went to her oncologist two weeks ago and he was shocked to find no trace of cancer. My cousin has brought many friends there and many including some of the family's other ailments were healed. I'm anxious to go for myself and also take my mom who is doing horribly on dialysis she started a month ago. She was impressed with what she read about him. I wonder also if anyone went who was in a similar situation (kidney failure). Thanks.

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  • 2 decades ago
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    Yes, I visited Solomon Wicky last Monday with my family. Solomon is a gentle, kind man who we waited ten hours to see. It was all worth it. He healed my mother of a dislocated foot that she has had for years! The pain and discomfort is completely gone. A family friend of ours went to see him with cancer in the final stages, had been told that he would be dead soon, and now is completely cancer free. Solomon has helped me with severe emotional problems. My outlook and feelings have changed for the better. You should see him because he is the real deal.

  • janie
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    8 years ago


    I did visit him and now feel he is a well meaning charleton.

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