is time travel possible?

time travel possible or not

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    Time travel is possible. It has been proven with the use of atomic clocks placed on the earth and on board spacecraft which show a difference in time because of the difference of speed between the two parties. The faster you move in space, the move time that passes on earth.

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    There are a couple of ways that under the current laws of phsyics, at least mathematically aloow time travel to happen.

    One involves creating a stable wormhole, and the rapidly pulling apart and bringing the "ends" of the wormhole back together. The creation of such a wormhole and it susequent movement would require energies that vastly outsrip anything we could produce locally, and the maintinence of the wormhole would require types of matter that has never been seen to exist.

    The other involves the manipulation of massive, massive, massive cosmic strings. Again no cosmic string has ever been observed, and the energies required to bend it around far outstrip what we can do.

    Intersting in theory, not really applicable in practice.

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    Thearitically yes as argued by some scientist but the conditions which are created are impossible for any thing of being to bare and so nothing can last long for even starting to view the future or travelling in it

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    Some say it is possible.. but you will land in a "differnt world". This is called time domain. At a particular time, there are different worlds in the universe. When you travel back to history, you will meet "yourself" in another "world".

    Ofcourse, this has not yet been proved, yet remains theory.

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    According to Einstein's laws, it is possible to travel forward in time (by approaching the speed of light) but once you're there, you're stuck. You can't travel backwards.

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    Time Travel is not possible, as proven by Albert Einstine

    but Time veiwing is.

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    if there was a rip in the time space continueum, time would stop. Then any travel at all would be considered time travel, even walking.

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    According to the equations of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity there is nothing in the laws of physics to prevent time travel. It may be extremely difficult to put into practice; but it is not impossible. Be careful though...imagine going BACK in time and killing your father!

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    Doubt it.

    It is possible to look into the past. Everything we view is light reflecting off objects and then into our eyes. Einstein said that if we could go faster than light so we are ahead of a point of light that reflected off something ten minutes ago then when that light goes into our eyes we'd see what happened ten minutes ago.

    Not very useful really.

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    Yes... If they figure out how to fold space you would be able to time travel...

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