Pro-life or Pro-choice?

Here's my take on it.... the world is way over populated anyway. Children that are unwanted, poverty ridden, unloved, possibly resented, or otherwise cause an unnecessary burden on the parent will probably turn out to be screwed up adults. I'm not saying there aren't exceptions to the rule, I'm just saying that that's a reasonable conclusion. Why not let them go to heaven? Why make them serve a substantial amount of time on earth being unhappy at least half their lives when they could be in heaven now?


Mr. Chili Pro-life or pro-death? Anyone can spin things any way they want? How about pro-life on earth or pro-life in heaven? Which really sounds better?

Update 2:

For those who argue that you could have killed the next person who finds a cure for cancer, it's just as likely that person will be the next Charles Manson, in fact it takes more effort to become a scientist, so the next Charles manson is more likely.

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    Here's the thing. There are way too many opinions out there as to when, where and under what circumstances a woman may or may not have a child or an abortion. This is one of the most personal and intimate things a woman will ever do. It is her right to decide.

    Yes, the fetus is a *potential* human life. However, that life depends on the woman in order to keep it alive. No one seems to be able to decide when and where that fetus becomes a human being. There is *no* scientific evidence or legal precedent to consider that life a human being. So, that is up to each woman to decide.

    Outlawing abortion has a very short legal history in the United States (and elsewhere). Anti-abortion laws were only introduced during the last half of the 19th century, and not because of any concern for the "unborn child." They were pushed for by doctors and gynecologists as a way to put midwives out of business, because midwives would perform abortions as well as deliver babies.

    When abortion is illegal, women die. These were real, post-born human women. These were people's mothers and sisters and daughters. Making abortion illegal doesn't stop it. It only sends it underground, to be performed in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

    If you are against abortion, fine, don't have one. But don't take that choice away from other women. And, if you really want to stop abortions, make it so no pregnancy is unwanted. Suppport better sex education and schools and greater availability of birth control and birth control information. Donate to Planned Parenthood, they do more to prevent abortions than Operation Rescue.

    And don't force a woman to have a child she does not want. That's just inhuman.


    As to the old "you aborted the people who are going to cure cancer argument:" What if Hitler's mother had had an abortion? What if Osama Bin Ladin's mother had had an abortion? Logic, people logic!


    I know this isn't a message board, but I can't help adding on to counter the ridiculousness:

    Kiddies, I *work* with children who are not wanted by their parents. It is a horrible, horrible thing. These kids are disadvantaged from the day they are born. These are kids that have been thrown into the oh-so-effective adoption and child care system. This system is underfunded and overstressed, and the experience for my kids is usually as traumatic as any form of abuse of neglect.

    What are you holier-than-thou people doing to help kids? Besides preach? Besides make terrified and confused pregnant women feel guilty on top of everything else they are experiencing?

    As someone already put it: Go adopt. Volunteer in after school program. Or something.

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    Pro-choice. For those of you who say it's really "pro-death," you sound like the ridiculous bunch of extremists you are. In order for pro-choice people to be "pro-death," they would have to be saying that all or nearly all fetuses should be aborted, just as "pro-life" means that you believe that all or nearly all fetuses should be born. Listen to yourselves for a minute. Even if you think abortion should never happen, calling the opposing side "pro-death" is ridiculous.

    I also agree with what Zen said, that pro-lifers should do their part by adopting unwanted children if they are so adamant about not allowing abortion. It seems to me that most people who are intent on constricting others rights really do it so that they can feel morally superior without ever walking in that person's shoes or doing any real work to back up their "morals." Basically, instead of breaking a sweat to actually put their money where they mouth is, they just sit back intent on oppressing others and certain they'll get a place in heaven through their opinion alone.

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    Pro-Choice. All of these Pro-lifers will argue this:

    1. You can always put the child up for adoption.

    How many of these children are already in the child services system and are not ever adopted? The system is overloaded already and many children get bounced from home to home.

    2. Who are we to decide who lives and dies?

    We do this everyday. If 3 people come to an emergency room, critically injured, and only 1 can be saved, the doctors decide who will live and die.

    3. It's just wrong.

    Why? Why is it just wrong? See 1 and 2.

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    I am completely against abortion as a method of birth control. There are several alternative methods of birth control usalbe by both MEN a WOMEN.

    However, there are cases when a woman may become pregnant when she thought she had no need for birth control. A young female say btw the ages of 12 and 16 who has no interest or thought that she is going to have intercourse and is raped. Suddenly this child is with child to young to safely have a child and afraid. She is tramatized by the event and now she is forced to carry this pregnancy and relive the event each morning as she looks at her changing body.

    No, I do not think she should. Therefore i am pro choice.

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  • Pro choice!!! Trying to adopt in America has nothing to do with the population of the earth, which is staggering to say the least. Millions upon millions of children need to be adopted, but the United States would like for all want-to-be parents to jump through 14,821 hoops before they can.


    Wow, I just read this post..."If children are not wanted- SEX SHOULD NOT BE PARTICIPATED IN! Sex isn't for pleasure- it's for reproduction." I've read in many different doctrines that sex is a gift from God, to be enjoyed by two loving people (married). Plus, you can NOT say you are 100% pro life, then follow up with, "unless blah blah blah..." That is NOT 100%.


    Original Sin is man made. There is no such thing. AND, you are willing to throw a woman's life away just to save a sack of cells? Perhaps that woman's life is no longer important? What faith tells you that a woman should die in order to give birth to a then motherless child? Why is the birth more important than the woman's life? She's already procreated, I guess? Job done? Game over?


    The woman is married. How did she throw her life away by having sex?!? Contradiction abounds.


    Uuhh, because HER life is threatened, as opposed to the cells' (or baby's).

    Source(s): This is a WACK question, sure to stir up emotion. I like it!
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    I believe that everyone should have a choice - including the babies who are not yet born. And I believe that women who do not want children should take the necessary measures to prevent a pregnancy. Abortion should not be used as birth control or because a baby might be considered a nuisance.

    No one has the right to take a life because it is in their way. If that was the case, I'd shoot the crazy drivers on the freeway every morning on my way to work. That wouldn't be right, would it? No.

    So, I'm pro-life.

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    I'm pro-life. Unwanted children can always be put up for adoption to families that would love to have them. They won't necessarily grow up to be screwed up adults. Abortions aren't gonna stop the world from having poverty ridden, resented, unwanted, or unloved children. Lots of parents that never even considered abortion mistreat their children for various reasons. There are lots of different factors that play into that but I don't see why an innocent baby's right to life should be taken away for any reason.

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    Well...I thought I was totally Pro-choice. Then I got pregnant and felt my first baby growing and moving in my body. Well...then I wasn't so sure. The day he was born, though, I knew that I personally could never, ever get an abortion. Still, I think the option needs to be there. What about victims of rape and incest? What about pre-teen girls who get pregnant? There need to be options for women. Just because it's wrong for me, doesn't mean it's wrong for everyone else. It's not my right to take away someone else's rights. So I guess I'm pro-choice.

  • 1 decade ago is a decision to be made by the women. I would rather a child not be born to an unhappy life, and it is the women's body..her choice what she wants to out it through. And when abortion is done, it is not a fetus or a baby, it is an embryo, only a few cells....

    I respect those who dont want to do it, but that is your choice, dont make decisions for other people.

    And "Aubrey" if you believe sex is only for reproduction and not pleasure, clearly you haven't had good sex...i recommend having some fun with sound like you need an earth shattering orgasm.

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    Jesus said,"If you've done it to the least of these, you've done it to me." God has a plan for every life. He knows the life before it's in the womb. Let them be born, let them be adopted, let God choose.

    God will let the world get as populated, and where and when as He wills. You don't start killing to control population.

    Women have more choices than they've ever had. If they don't want to get pregnant and faced with an unwanted pregnancy, then use your CHOICE before the fact.

    The Lord will watch over your coming and your going both now and forever more. Psalm 121:8

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    Pro Choice. Especially until society can provide much better avenues for those who know they can not be parents. Do people not read the stories in the news daily about children who are unwanted, beaten, and left to die? What a horrible way to live.

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