Can Deep Throating cause throat cancer?

My girlfriend's daughter might have throat cancer although she has never smoked before. She works with her mouth quite often, so I am wondering if sperm or penetration can be the cause of this.

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    Yes, in rare cases she can possible get throat cancer, yet mainly stomach cancer could happen. As for Ben Dover, yer there is such a thing as Azz Cancer, theres Prostate Cancer, and Colon Cancer, im not sure if its from gettin yer booty-hole filled with "man-juice" but, anything is possible.

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    Yes. According to the WHO approximately 2% of all throat cancer is caused by oral sex. The risks rise massively if you're under about 15 or over 50.

    Source(s): The world health organisation The EU council on sexual health.
  • 1 decade ago

    no but research has shown it can cause stomach cancer

    Source(s): no source
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    That is stupid, think about it. Do you have azz cancer? All right then.

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