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What "THROUGH" means, if peace with God is "THROUGH" Jesus -> Christ?

If boggled, just answer what "through" means?

What meaneth go "through" I am the door, way?

What meaneth narrow way "leadeth unto" life?

(Pst - it's not life, but leadeth unto life)

Ps 23's "through" the valley of the shadow?

Heb 10's clue about what this "shadow" is?

Does it mean stay in this valley, or what?

Valley b'twn Mt Sinai & Mt Sion in Heb 12?

Journey is from ? to ? in Rom 1 & 2Cor 3?

Could from faith to faith be from J to C?

Could from glory to glory be from J to C?

Could from mtn to mtn be from J to C of JC?

What then the reverse, from C to J, of CJ?

Thinking allowed, or did it get bannished?

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    I have no Idea what your saying and i'm a christian.

  • Leonor
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    Sadly almost nothing ofr what you say makes any sense .. that ought to bother you a little bit ..I have a pretty exceedingly sttrong ability to think out of a box and i don't get half a sentance of what you're saying ..and 30 more sentance like it don't seem to help at all ..Try breaking down what you're trying to say more logicly or just stop bothering because no one gets it can think you're smarter or really on to some new wild concept or bible code etc .. guess what the bible is simple enough for a child .. if you really were that crafty .. you'd be able to relate .. either you want to be not relating or you don't care ..either way it's not insightful . no one is getting it and most aren't bothering to even glean a piece of what you're trying to say ... Unless all you are attempting to do is somehow considered art .. then so is horrific blashemy ..Allow yourself to say less ... with more relatability .. yeah you might have to talk down to people who just don't get you but when you relate .. than you can communicate.

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    Sometimes I think I almost know where you are going with your post/question/possibility/rant/comment...

    I think you probably have something going on up top, but we can;t tell what you are saying half the time. Uing all these grammatical effects to impart a tone and emotion doesn't work. It reads in a very confusing way.

    What we are left with is to wonder if you're very young, do not speak very good english, or simply not all there.

    I'm not intending this to be a bash, but read your questions from the perspective of someone who does not know you, and can't see you or hear you.

    that said, unfotunately...


  • Anonymous
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    You bring up a good point. It may simply mean that in order to attain salvation, one has to do so using the teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him). I'm not sure that means to worship him.

    All the prophets (including Noah, Abraham, Jacob, David, Moses, etc.) that came before Jesus called people to the worship of the One and Only God, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Part of this teaching says that one does not need an intermediary between themselves and God. This means that interpreting the word 'through' as an intermediary means that the bible contradicts itself.

    That being said, if 'through' means following the teachings of Jesus, this indicates that the message of Jesus was not going to be the final message to humanity. He did say afterall to follow the "comforter, spirit of truth", who will come with the everlasting guidance for all.

    Well, how do we know this 'comforter'? Jesus tells us that this 'comforter' will acknowledge Jesus and will deliver an everlasting message. Historically, the only religion that came after christianity and acknowledges Jesus is Islam. So the question remains, did he deliver an everlasting message? To date, the Quran is the only book that is still maintained in its original format, original language, letter for letter.

    If the above analysis is correct, then 'through' does not mean "an intermediary"; instead, it means "by following the teachings of". If this is the case, then in order to comply with the teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him), one must at least consider Islam as the message of the "comforter" that Jesus has spoken of.

    And God only knows best.

    (Read between the blades)

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  • shojo
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    1 decade ago way a means to... We have peace in God by way of Jesus. We have salvation in Christ by means of faith. We have faith by means of belief. Get it? It's simple once you really understand the word through.

  • Anonymous
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    Its a metaphor.

    You get a dicount THROUGH your place of business.

    You get to heaven "through christ".

    Its not meant literally, like hes a door or you pass through his spirit.

    You might word the rest of that a little better, cause its not makin much sense.

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    "What meaneth go "through" I am the door, way?"

    It means that in order to get to the 7th sky with Jesus, you have to be ****** and get THROUGH his brown backdoor. But before that, you have to kiss his but.

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    The passageway to heaven and eternal peace is by way of Jesus. In other words, follow Jesus' teachings and they will lead you to heaven.

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    If u go left then right you will find it

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    What are u talking about?

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