is the american public going to somehow do something about the price of gas???!!!?


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    Years ago, I thought, "What this country needs is a Presidential mandate to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, the way Kennedy said 'Let's reach the Moon by 1970.'."

    The problem is, eliminating our dependence on foreign oil isn't as romantic and adventurous as going to the Moon. But I'm glad the President finally did put it in those terms.

    We have large oil reserves, why don't we use our own? Part of the reason is that our oil reserves are high-sulfur-content oil, while oil from other parts of the world have lower sulfur content. The sulfur content directly affects how much sulfur gets into the atmosphere, resulting in sulfur dioxides and acid rain.

    So buying foreign oil has been a means of keeping pollution lower-- not low low, but lower than it would have been otherwise.

    What is going to happen with the new push to reduce or eliminate dependence on foregin oil? There will be many changes, these are just a few.

    1) There will be much more energy efficient cars, like the hybrids. These won't eliminate our need for oil and gas, you say? True, but they will reduce it. That is a step in the right direction,and only the first step.

    2) Biodiesel and fuel cell and solar. These will all be used, more and more as time goes on.

    3) Make electical power generation more efficient and make tools and apliances (industries and homes) that use less electricity.

    4) There will be an influx of students into the fields of chemistry and engineering and all the sciences. New energy sources and processes will be developed. And those are just the most obvious changes that will happen.

    Some people are dissatisfied with this, they would like to see the energy companies eliminated or reduced to poverty. In some cases, this may be due to jealousy of 'obscene' profits. But if American companies weren't making those profits, Arabian nations would be making those profits, so let's keep the wealth here where it enhances our own standard of living instead of someone else's. The energy companies are doing what companies do: providing goods and services that people want at a mutually-agreed-upon price.

    If the people do not want to pay large prices for oil and gas, the oil companies will eventually have to adjust their prices if they want to stay in business. The above changes listed will cause this to happen:

    1) Reduced use of oil and gas by hybrids will require the manufacturers to seek new ways of producing it more economically.

    2) Competition from biodiesel, fuel cells and solar will compel the gasoline manufacturers to diversify or cut back on their operations.

    3) Reduced use of electricity will result in huge savings of oil and gas that would otherwise be burned to generate it.

    4) The influx of young students into the engineering fields will stimulate the growth and development of new technologies, leading to new industries.

    (Already, the Internet is saving huge amounts of fuel, because rapid communications leads to less need for transportation. This is a result that could not have been foreseen in the 60's when lots of students fell in love with space flight and science and technology.)

    That great surplus of engineers led directly to the computer revolution because engineers are the working capital of innovation in industry. We could not have developed computers without the necessary engineering infrastructure and the personnel base. Now, hopefully, that will happen again.

    We do not know what the Next Big Thing is going to be. But there will be one.

    In addition to the economic situation here, there is the financial and political situation around the world to continue. America's enemies in oil-producing lands deserve to have their source of income cut off. Why should we pay them for oil when that moey is eventually used to attack us? Improving American independence from oil will hit them where they will feel it. And as the technology spreads over the world, people will be buying from us, not them.

    Does this sound like a plan?

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    What we can do? The power is on the numbers: Once or twice a week people shall not buy gasoline, That alone translates in millions of dollars in loss income for the giant oil companies. Stop driving the big gas guzzlers, tell Ford motor company, GMC that enough is enough. Higher oil prices also brings higher food prices since most of our food is transported by freight truck. Fuel recovery charges could be imposed in just about any service from trash pick up to emergency services.

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    1 decade ago

    Buy a bike, get a more economical car, drive wisely, and learn to live in a world of steadily increasing gas prices.

    I am not so sure the changes are all that bad a thing.

    Having recently been to Italy, I can see how we are going to be living 10 years from now.

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    1 decade ago

    I can tell you a few things to use less gas. Walk, if it is possible do not drive the car unless it is absolutely necessary. Slow down. I discovered while driving a semi that if I slowed down and just did the speed limit I could save 1 mile per gallon. Time the red lights instead of racing to the next one so that you have to stop and idle try to time the greens. Do not idle the car ever. If everybody was to do that they would have to eat their damn gas. Think of it 1 mile per gallon times millions of cars and trucks on the road everyday. It would have an impact almost immediately.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Do your research ,,the majority of the price for gas is taxes,, after acquisition and refinement oil companies only make about 10% profit,, not a lot,,you pump you pay!

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    if you don't like the price on the pump, fill-up in Europa, it will cost you about 50% more. With all the 3rd world nations getting industrialized (China, India + others) and the supply going down, where do you think the price will go?

  • 1 decade ago

    i wish the american people would grow a backbone and tell these money greedy gas and oil people to Pi## off!! summer is coming think that would be the perfect time to not go anywhere!! stay home buy as little gas as possible!! there is no reason for regular unleaded gas to be over $1.00 a gallon... it is just corp. greed!! Do you think these pinheads are going broke ?? COME ON AMERICA GROW A SPINE AND TELL THEM WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR SCREWING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!

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    cdf_rom said it all. All the billions spent on war could have been used more on research and finding better solutions. If we don't do anything about Bush how to expect us doing something about the price of gas?

  • 1 decade ago

    What's wrong with the price of gas? We pay less for gas than most countries. Instead of whining about the price of gas (which you can't control) why not figure out how to moderate your usage of it (which you can control).

  • 1 decade ago

    unfortunately the human race wont do anything about it cause bush has everyone brain washed!!!thinking that what hes doing is ok personally i think the human race should just pick a day and not do anything not go to work not buy gas or anything the us goes into a strike!!! then lets see what he wants to do!!!it would be the first president that shits himself when the economy ***** him!!!

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