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Is my IP address unique to me or do other people have the same number?


yes im using a router

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    Actually, IP addresses are not quite unique. Internal IP addresses are unique to the network in which they are using, but even that can change. Truth is, your internal IP address can be the same as several other people's addresses, but due to NAT (Network Address Translation) they appear to an outside address, which may (or may not be) unique.

    Outside addresses, which can be shared internally through Network Address Translation, can be re-assigned if you are not using a static IP address.

    Modems which connect to internet services providers, which can be assigned IP addressed dynamically, may not ensure that your machine has an outside IP address which is the same each time.

    If you have a 'static' IP address (which doesn't change) through your Internet Service Provider, then it will be unique to you (unless someone else creates their own 'internet') otherwise, your IP will not be unique.

    For an internal network, it is most likely unique, unless you change configuration options for networking to ensure it isn't.

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    If it is one of the "live" registered addresses, then yes it is unique. If you are behind a firewall or cable/DSL router, then you are probably using an address from what's known as a "private address space". In this case, it's more accurate to say "it's unique for your network". For example: (16.7 million addresses) is a common private address space used by many companies. This preserves the "routable" addresses on the Internet for necessary devices; if every computer in the world had a routable address, we'd run out of them. So, companies will setup proxy servers for all the machines behind them on the network.

    If you're using your cable/DSL connection at home, you may use a router connected to your modem. This router may provide you with a private address like and the router will have your "real" address.

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    The ip address of your actual connection is unique.

    The ip address of your proxy server (if you use one) will not be unique.

    However, when talking about an 'actual connection' I mean that a router will have a unique IP address but if several computers connect through your router then they will appear to have the same as they will all be accessing on the routers address.

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    If you are on a Local Area Network then you can share an IP address. If you are an AOL customer you get assigned an IP address from a pool of addresses when you log in. Then your IP will be unique for the time that you are logged in, but may be assigned to somebody else later.

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    There is unique IP's, and there is standard IP's...

    If you are running with a Static IP, then it has to be Unique

    If you are using dynamic IP then, you have one Unique IP, which you can find using the link below:

    and non-unique IP's that are used on the PC and internal networks...these include:

    - localhost or and this is every computers IP

    - 192.168.x.x

    - 10.x.x.x

    The last two, the x is replaced with numbers from ZERO to 255, and both are used for network communication...each seperate network can have the same IP...this is concidered to be the PC's unique IP on this network

    If two IP's are similar on the same network, then both PC's will conflict and won't be able to function properly...

    Same problem would occur if someone else has your Unique IP you use to access the interent...neither of you two would be able to access the internet...

    The difference between Static IP and Dynamic IP is that:

    StaticIP - doesn't change if you close the internet, or shutdown...used by webservers, mailservers, etc such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, Google, etc

    DynamicIP - these IP's are static IP's that your ISP (Intenret Service Provider) have...once you connect to the internet, it gives you one of them to use to get access to the intenet...if you disconnect the internet, it takes this IP and gives it to someone else...

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    unique unless using a router

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    Every computer has unique ip address..

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    Its unique, why do you thing yahoo is getting ips in their chat rooms now to track people down if they do something bad :)

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    nope ur ip address is unique to u only... it differs in the host id ,, the network id is same

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