How do two very obese people have sexual intercourse? No pictures please.?

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From across the room!

I dont know if its possible, considering they might both die due to weak hearts from being overweight, and the physical strain of having sex!

So either way...THEYRE SCREWED!
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  • UniqueIsWhoSheIs answered 8 years ago
    lol, well, the obvious answer is the same way as people who aren't obese. How else would they do it??
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  • ECREAM answered 8 years ago
    its not easy, but usually on our sides, like a spoon.
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  • brmillend answered 8 years ago
    The man finds a fold in the woman and just hopes it's the right one. That's assuming that he can feel around for his junk because he definitely can't see it.
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  • cmyfoo answered 8 years ago
    they use the horizontal doggy style while utilizing the lubricating technique
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  • michaelhrwd answered 8 years ago
    With great difficulty
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  • John C answered 8 years ago
    They're flexible?
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  • Psychology answered 8 years ago
    I don't think it's physically possible (if you mean morbid obesity). I dunno... Crisco?
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  • dipsy_lime answered 8 years ago
    its quite simple. the odese man looks the obese woman for about 7 min. then the obese man goes to macdonalds grabs a happy meal brings it back he gets the food she gets the toy they are happy its almost like sex to them :P
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