Sex with a friend, just for the sake of having sex?

I have a female friend, who is not unattractive. I am male and not particularly interested in her sexually. She is constantly asking me to have safe sex with her just for the sake of having sex with each other and knowing that aspect of each other. We have been friends for over 10 years.

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    If you are not sexually attracted to her, you have your answer. There is no reason for you to have sex with someone unless you think you will really enjoy it and get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction (unless you are just interested in having kids, and that is not the case here).

    There are other reasons to tread very carefully here. Sex DOES change friendships. Most the time, it disrupts them and often ruins them. It is pretty likely that things will get really strange and awkward after sex and you will not know how to relate to each other like you once did. Are you willing to risk this? Why? How important is it to you that you keep this friendship for life?

    To be honest it sounds like she might be having certain emotional problems or insecurities, or extreme loneliness, or something else, that is not clear. Most people who are close friends do not talk to each other about how great it would be to have sex. If she is emotionally fragile now for some reason, that is another reason to keep it at the friendship level. And what is wrong with that? True friendship is one of the closest forms of intimacy there is.

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    Sex Sake

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    you would be able to desire to tell this female's mom and dad. you would be able to desire to tell your mom and dad, too. This guy is breaking the regulation and has no company having intercourse much less with a 13 300 and sixty 5 days previous female. OMG, you're the two way too youthful and have not any concept what you're doing. She's stepping into some heavy stuff because of the fact she isn't old adequate to handle what's occurring to her. in case you realize this and allow it to proceed without needing help, then you definately are merely as to blame for hurting her. What are you thinking? you realize that is incorrect or you won't have published it. She desires help and he or she desires it now. Telling her and your ex which you realize won't help, it will make issues worse! bypass to an grownup. Her family individuals merits to appreciate so they are able to help her. She must be headed down a spiral of melancholy that leads to suicide. that is not humorous in any respect. Please do what's precise on your pal. If her family individuals won't help, call the police.

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    Just have sex with her, make sure she knows that is all it is. We all need attention and you have known her for quiet some time so at least you know her habits and traits and you can trust her to a certain measure and get some satisfaction and still be friends!

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    I've had sex with friends and let's just say we aren't friends anymore! The sex was gre at though! Soon after jealousy sets in.

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    If it is not against your law of land and do not hurt any body else then I think if she needs it you both can enjoy the safe sex.Sex is a very sweet aspect of life.

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    hey if you can both handle the consequences, why not. because with alot of people an emotional connection sets in and with that comes the want for more than just sex. but if you both are single and just want to have sex, i don't see why not.

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    try it and see what happends...

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