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Why does squinting help you see?

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    Squinting helps you see for the same reason that you can see a little better in bright sunlight. It reduces the size of your effective pupil. When your pupil is smaller, there's less light-scattering on the retina, which reduces the size of the blur circle on the retina. Images appear sharper

    The downside, both with squinting and a small pupil, is that less light is getting into the retina, so it decreases the brightness of the image.

    The previous answer ("it doesn't") may be true for the person who wrote it. But anyone who's farsighted or nearsighted will see a little better looking through a pinhole. (We routinely do it on examinations). The effect is even more dramatic if you have astigmatism.

    Source(s): Just myself. I'm an ophthalmologist.
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    It's the same principle as a pinhole camera

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    It doesn't, unless your eyes are sensitive to light and you are trying to see better in a brightly lit area.

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    It helps you to focus.........

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