11 day diet?

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    i have a 7 day diet plan. i got it from a nutritionist and i loose 7kilo in a week.so u can try this.

    1st day-only fruits(apple, melon, pear, cucumber).

    2nd day-only boiled vegetables(cawlyflower, carrot, cabbage, tomato).

    3rd day-fruits+vegetables only.

    4th day-6 small bananas+3 cups of milk.

    5th day- 2 boiled potato+ 6 tomatoes.

    6th day-vegetables+ 1 potato (boiled).

    7th day-normal food u take daily(without any sugar or sweets).

    Additional soup for 7 days-

    if u r hungry u can also add this with ur diet plan. this will not effect on ur weight loosing.but dont eat more than 4 cups in a day.

    recipe: take 3 onions,6 tomatoes,a handful of cabbage leaves, green chili,pepper.boil all this stuff in a cup of water without any oil and ur soup will be ready.

    this diet plan is only for 7 days. dont continue it after one week.


    Source(s): nutritionist
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