Build a PC for $500 with good components. Recommendations?

What parts would you use, where would you buy them?


What PARTS would YOU use?

What PARTS would YOU use?

What PARTS would YOU use?

Update 2:

Three answers and no opinions on what they would use. I can find info at toms hardware, cnet, pcworld too. Don't you pepole have any opinions of your own?

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    lol, first off, you wanna check out deals on know with rebates.

    heres the best sites i like:

    Second, you prob wanna go with:

    Amd64 sempron processor...more cost effective

    80gb ide hard drive

    dvd burner

    motherboard-Good brands include Asus, epox, gigabyte, etc..(check out reviews and look at peoples builds...usually in their signature)prob dont wanna spend more than 60 bux here.

    get 512mb-1gb ram

    simple vid card and vwalla...(i like ati vid cards)

    for 500 bux your cutting it slim, and you did not mention if you were a gamer or what not?

    PS: I dont include the price of windows xp because you can get it as a student for cheap or you can use LINUX : )

    Some easy to use distro's are PClinuxOS, Linspire, SimplyMepis, and Xandros3.0, although PCLINUXOS is prob the best choice...its free and easy to use!! and with linux you dont get all those stupid viruses, spyware, and crap that you get with windows!!!!!!!

    plus if you want office programs, you can get a program called open office just like ms office but FREE!! save you money..unless you download them from free bittorent files!! lol.

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    thats approx 810 us money i do no longer understand of any united kingdom links yet right this is what i could do i5-3550 - $210 BIOSTAR TZ77B LGA 1155 Intel Z77 -$a hundred Corsair reminiscence 8 twin Channel kit DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) - $50 EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked - a hundred and sixty Western digital a million TB Caviar Blue SATA III 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache - a hundred Sony advert-7280S-0B 24x SATA inner DVD+/-RW tension (Black) 18 Corsair Carbide series 300R Mid-Tower Gaming Case - seventy 4 Corsair Air series A50 overall performance CPU Cooler - 25 Rosewill HIVE series HIVE-550 550W non-supply up @40°C, 80 PLUS BRONZE qualified - 70 it is approximately 770 us money u can use this as a reference i'm cing the gtx 560ti going for arounf 2 hundred us dollard as of previous due and its an outstanding improve from the gtx 560 and u will observe a huge difference in overall performance in video games w/ it

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    Check out for parts. There is a new company called ASROCK that have really nice motherboards of all types at exceptional prices that Mwave bundles with CPU and memory and for a small fee they will assemble and test before shipping. I just put one together and really appreciated the quality for the price, it was and AMD64 3700+ with 1GB DDR and a SOHO Dual Layer burner for $408, the HD I got locally. I highly recommend this site for service, prices, and quality selections

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    tigerdirect,, many magazines do the killer system builds under 500 dollars, just have to browse the rack, most talk about best componets and adequate, which is what you are minimumly looking for

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    call Dell 1-800-WWW-DELL

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