What is the role of non governmental organization in agricultural development?

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It depends on which country's agricultural development you are referring to. If it is in a third world country, NGOs are important for farmhands and farmers alike because they often get the short end of the stick when it comes to dealing with the hacienda owners and landlords of the land the till. NGOs serve to protect their interests and make sure that they are not exploited.
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  • fallenangelart answered 8 years ago
    This would greatly depend on the organization that you are refering too, since many of the non-governmental organizations serve the purpose of lobiest groups that attempt to convince members of the congress and senate to join with them on agendas.

    So I suppose that the basic answer to this would be that the main purpose of organizing these "non-govermental" groups would be to collect rejestered voters that have a common social concern or gathered purpose to make their voice known to congress and senate houses.

    During the orriginaly drawing up of the constitution, it was the lobbiest groups that allowed for the voice of the American people to be known on topics, unfortunatly in more modern times the only people that seem to be able to put together, fund and finance a full time lobby group is corperations (not sure whom to blame for that since it mostly is a lack of dedication of topics that keep people from vollentering for lobbiest groups, or simply the economy since who could afford to go to D.C. full time without pay, but at the time it was a great idea).
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  • visionchild78 answered 8 years ago
    Their role i think is just to laze'bout and do nothin!!
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