Is there a truth any where except science or when a child knowes that their pet is loved,and will go to heaven

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    God-fearing men see in animals part of God’s generous provision for human welfare. Animals have served man as burden bearers, as sources of food and clothing, as sanitation agents, and as helpers in the vital activities of plowing and harvesting. Their variety of form and color has delighted his eye; their habits and instincts have been and still are an extensive field for inquiry into the marvels of God’s creative work. Though animals die in the same manner as man, they do not share his hope of a resurrection.—2Pe 2:12;

    animals were created with a limited life span, humans had the prospect of living on earth forever. (Genesis 3:22, 23; Psalm 37:29) Jesus Christ said that to enjoy “everlasting life,” we must exercise faith and take in knowledge of God—things that animals are incapable of doing. (John 3:36; 17:3)

    God created animals for the sake of humans. Animals can help them do their work and can serve as their companions or pets. They also serve to magnify God’s love and wisdom.

    The Creator gave life to both humans and animals. But for how long were they to continue to live? Scientists report that humans seem to have the potential of endless life, so that investigators are perplexed as to why man dies. The Bible gives the reason. It says that the Creator gave the first humans the opportunity of living forever. Death came only because they rebelled. (Gen. 2:17; 3:17-19; Rom. 5:12) What, though, of animals? They are not capable of conscious rebellion against God; yet they live only for a length of time and then die. Hence, it is clear that the Creator never purposed that individual animals live forever. For them death was natural.—2 Pet. 2:12.

    Source(s): Bible Reasoning from the Scriptures
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    As Bill wrote, the truth about this IS found in the Bible, and although it may be hard to accept (as it was for me when I first time came to understand it), know that God always has our best interests in mind.

    That having been said, I know how hard it is to lose cherished pets. I've lost a few myself - and still miss them. And for children, yes, it is one of the most painful and traumatic experiences they will ever have in their young lives. But, as an adult, think about the reality . . .

    If every animal that has ever died is resurrected back to the new earth, would there be any room left for people? And if all those animals retained their reproductive powers . . . well, you get the idea.

    Just remember, our Grand Creator and Life Giver, Jehovah God has only the best intentions for us, his human creations. In addition, please read the scriptures at Isaiah 11:6-9 with your child, and visualize what that will be like. It's a wonderful promise.

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