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good holiday destinations for teenagers?

im 17 and want to know where is good to visit in!!!

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    as long as you go with friends, and that applies to wherever you go . my reccomendations are cuprus- AYIA NAPA. OR MAJORCA alcudia is beautifull with long white sand beaches. or if your interested in more history and beauty i would suggest sorrento in ITALY.

  • 3 years ago

    Blackpool is brilliant...i understand human beings imagine of it as naff, yet you've the excitement sea coast for the rides n that, a superb nightlife, brilliant ecosystem, and best of all its plenty more least expensive than say London or a "perfect" topic park! There are a great number of shipping links both through prepare or nationwide convey coaches, and maximum points of interest are interior of about a mile really basic to discover and walk to/from in case you do not favor to apply trams/buses. If it does happen to be sunny you actually have a sea coast lol! EDIT: Angel I stay in N.Wales so am nicely conscious it exists lol, yet have in no way been to South Wales for an evening out so won't be able to propose everywhere there, and its unhappy yet real that N.Wales do not have plenty to provide a teenage team on a weekend away, except they're VERY outdoorsy...!

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    Rome. Prague. Berlin and Amsterdam

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    it depends what you like. Europe has loads of different cultures and experiences.

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