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what does the word "twerk" mean?

In the Beyonce song from the movie the pink panther she uses the word "twerk" (I probably misspelled) what does it mean?

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    Twerking is a frequently used slang word among young African Americans. To twerk is to dance sexually, grinding oneself against the partner.

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    Twerk Definition

  • 6 years ago

    Twerk anybody can do its a dance move where you move buttocks from side to side in a vibrant way with the rhythm! I'm from Atlanta and twerkin has been around for along time just did not have a name!

  • I didn't know that the word Twerk meant dancing sexually to a partner. I thought striping was the proper word for that. Huh guess u learn new words everyday.

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  • 6 years ago

    The etmyology of the word "twerk" comes from Greek, through the vulgar Latin, (who both work down at a certain club on Sunset Strip. They were conjuring black magic with a white girl who wore see-through panties, and when one of them got a bone-danger, he and she were both ripping dangerously close to finding out all about you know what, 'cause he was no he-she, you see.

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    My first exposure to the word was on "Dark Days Bright Nights", the Bubba Sparxx album produced by Timbaland back in 2000. There's a collaboration between them on there called "Twerk A Little" and the chorus goes like this:

    "Twerk a little, twerk a little, let me see you drop it

    Work the middle, work the middle, let me see you pop it

    Go on! Witcha bad self

    C'mon! Witcha bad self"

    The song is all about how Tim and Bubba can pull the best chicks in the club. I assumed it was a contraction of "Let it work", a variation on "Work it!" which is something you might yell at someone while dancing to encourage them to go all out. Shall we see what William Safire has to say?!

  • 7 years ago

    go look up on you-tube Miley Cyrus twerking enjoy therapy :)

  • 5 years ago

    Twerking, sticking butt in air, grooving, typically sexually, common phrase used by tumblr kids!

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    TWERK is "Work hips in a sexual way".

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    Actually I thought it meant **** jerk. Either way it's just another offensive remark, that some will identify with as part of "our culture, and you just don't understand". Which is bullshit for we like to denigrate women.

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