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my sister found a small lump on one of her breast but is frightened to go to the doctors what can i do?

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  • Linda
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    1 decade ago
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    please take her to a doctor . it is every womans nightmar to find a lump . its happened to me twice and thank god it was begnin . it was caused by taking hrt tablets for 10 years . ive now gone off the tablets . i still have my lump. but if its moveable please tell your sister she has nothing to worry about my prayers are with you.

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    Let her know that the vast majority of lumps turn out to be absolutely benign but it's better to know and face it than to worry for years about something that may be nothing at all. If that doesn't work. . .

    Tell her that survival rates for breast cancers have never been higher. Even if it IS cancer, it doesn't necessarily mean that she'll lose a breast. Good Luck.

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    The sooner she finds out what it is the better...she needs to go to her dr. asap

  • Mom
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    1 decade ago

    Please get her to a doctor.Let her know that it could be nothing and if it is the earlier it is found the better for her.

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