Where can I find Spanish lessons in the Bay County, Florida area? (in a class or tutoring)?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best way to learn is through a certified instructor (one-on-one). You can research Spanish intructors in Florida by using a database called Click For Lessons. They match you to the best Spanish teacher based on price, location, etc. And it's free to use. Hope that helps! Adios!

  • 1 decade ago

    most libraries carry a wide asortment of cassets. if your conciencious they're a great start. googel "rosetta stone" another great start. a most effective way is to go out "on the steet " and hire someone fluent in both languages to be your private tutor. get a tape recorder you speak into it 10 phrases you want to know , have your tuotor speak in the translation 2-3 times slow and clear..listen to this over and over . 11st thing in the morning , last thimg at nigt. know the phrase "cold " when you go back to you tutor with 10 more every week. if you work at it , in 4 months you will be unbelievably good.but you cant wish it you got to put in the hrs.

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