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How effective is reiki? What are the miracles you have seen thus far?

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    FROM another question on reiki:

    I am under reiki treatment, and have found it to be effective for mood issues and back pain. Plus memory loss.

    Reiki, as I understand it, is a chanelling and balancing of energy. Imagine a patient as a closed room in need of fresh air ("blocked/depleted energy"). The reiki healer is like the person who opens the window ("Energy channel/medium") and allows fresh air ("cosmic energy") in.

    If the room is attached to another room, the first room can also become the source of air to the second - in the words of reiki, once energy-balanced, a person can channel energy to another.


    It is variously defined as electromagnetic field, and cosmic energy, etc. People of various fields and faiths will understand the concept of reiki differently.


    No. Just like getting treated by penicillin isn't related to religion, getting energy balanced has little to do with religion. However, people of various faiths will always interpret and describe things differently. And given the slightly unmaterialistic nature of reiki, the way it is described will often osund spiritual and/or religious.


    Various forms of healing through hands have been prevalent in human history. Those who study body language have noted how, to console a grieving person or to calm someone down, we automatically use various forms of touching such as petting someone on the head or arm. Holding hands in love, and to share grief is a common sight across cultures.


    Various ailments ranging from the physical to the psychological to the emotional and mental.

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    Reiki Miracles

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    Pure Reiki Healing Master Fast!

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    I've had rekik done a few times and I've always felt wonderful after. It's something I use when I have stress issues or terrible headaches.

    As for miracles, I've seen none associated with reiki. I don't think, as some claim, that it can cure certain chronic illnesses. There are some times when professional medical help is the only way to go.

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    I have had reiki done to me, and I found it to be very relaxing, and very spiritual. It is like extreme meditation, and it helped me feel even closer to Hashem. THis should be in the Health and wellness section, in my opinion because I just know that the ignorant bible bashers will have something negative to say about it. Im sure they think its witchcraft of satanistic, or some similar-minded doggerel that they all seem to bleat on about...As for a miracle, well, I seemed to travel back in time and witnessed myself living in ancient Mycenae, and more recently I was a Spanish ship captain in the 18th century. I thought it was all very very cool.

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