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Did the founding fathers of the United States find guidance from Martin Luther's reformation?


BTW - There is a difference between Dr. Martin Luther and Dr. Martin Luther King whoose name is from the 1600's Monk.

Update 2:

I could be wrong but I belive all of the founding fathers were non-Catholic Christians . . which means they would be a learning from a "form" of Luther's teachings, like the Lutherian New Testament (Bible conversion).

Update 4:

This is in responce to Schneb - In your link Thomas Jefferson on Page two last quote does indeed loosly quote Martin Luther when he says "religion is a metter which lies soley between man and his god (Christian); that he owes account to none other for his worship"

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    My answer would be yes due to the Fact that the founding fathers understood the value of human rights thus the "Declaration of Independence" was born. The reformation in reality was the reforming of the peoples mind and the understanding of what "SELF EVIDENT" meant. One Nation Under God, "indivisable" meant you could nt be seperated from the devine.. "In him we live, breath, move and have our existance, with liberty and Justice for all...these liberties where granted by the supreme creator of the universe, and our founding fathers along with Martin Luther knew this, they preached it, practiced it, and most of all, LIVED IT....MAY GOD BLESS

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    Guidance as far as the Reformation is concerned, yes, absolutely, definitely. Guidance from Martin Luther specifically...only as far as he was the imperfect vessel God chose to initiate and be an authority figure in this massive event.

    Guidance can probably be narrowed down to the Bible, yes, and from there the idealism of the Reformation as a whole, John Knox' theology, Samuel Rutherford's famous "Lex Rex", and a few other important figures whose names I cannot quite remember at this time. I think *God's* Reformation was a ~step~ in the cultivation of thought which led to the idealism of the Revolution and the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, etc.

    Oh, and check out Schneb's link above; it's awesome. I printed it off to keep a copy handy in my little archive.

    Source(s): The Bible, "Lex Rex" by Samuel Rutherford, "The History of the Reformation of the 16th Century" by J.H. Merle D'Aubigne, "A Christian Manifesto" by Francis Schaeffer...all of which I would suggest reading, especially the latter book because it ties everything together and explains it quite well. Neither is it an imposing read, at about 140 pages.
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    This question does not belong here. It requires historical knowledge and intelligence. As the first answer demonstrates.

    Not to mention I can not think of a bible quote that applies. Perhaps the obstacles Martin Luther encountered when he challenged the papacy is similar to the obstacles and dangers the founding fathers faced when they challenged the King of England.

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    2 decades ago

    No. They found guidance from the Bible. I do not remember one siting Luther. If anyone has, I would like to hear it. Thanks.


    Thanks Tex, that will be good to know in the future.

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  • 2 decades ago

    dude.. MLK came hundreds of years after our founding fathers so there is no way they could have gotten guidance from him. Of course it could have been the other way around, MLK did cite some information from our founding fathers.

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    Somewhat, but don't believe that this country was founded mainly on Christian values.

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