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    Kiosks are interactive computer terminals for retrieving information from

    databases or the Internet, located in public transport terminals or other public

    spaces. They can also provide information for tourists or on various events.

    The touch screen should measure at least 15.1 inches.

    Usability can be considerably improved by a simple navigation device (a ball mouse is ergonomically a very good solution), voice direction and a printer.

    The font size must be as large as feasible: 14 to 19 points -- even as large as 48pt (= 1cm).

    The size of the icon button is 2cm x 2cm. The space between icons should be at least 20% of the icon size.

    User can push the “Help” button at any point.

    User can push the “Home”/”Restart” etc. button at any point

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    Placing ads on the internet kiosks

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