is claritin better than sudafed?

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    These are two different types of drugs.

    Claritin in an antihistamine. It counteracts the effects that allergens generate in the histimic system - sneezing, sinus drainage, irritated eyes, etc. One of the main effects of antihistamines is to dry out the sinuses/mucus membranes. Sometimes this makes the mucus thicker and you end up with congestion.

    Sudafed is a decongestant. It stops congestion in your sinuses by making the mucus more liquid. This makes the mucus runnier, which allows it to be expelled. Of course, this gives you a runny nose! However, I find that a runny nose is better than not being able to breathe.

    So you want to take what is going to work for the problem you have. Sneezing and a runny nose? Take claritin. Head so stuffed you can't breathe? Take sudafed.

    Note that sudafed has the disadvantage of being a stimulant, so it will make it harder for you to sleep. Claritin doesn't make you sleepy, which makes it good anytime; however, older antihistamines such as Benadryl are effective as both antihistamines and as sleeping pills, so they can help offset the sudafed's upper effect.

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    is claritin better than sudafed?

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    By far! Sudafed makes you feel loopey and weird, Claritin does not. Also, Claritin just simply takes your cold/allergy symptoms away better.

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    I like Claratin D, it has the sudafed in it, so you get the benefit of both in 1 pill!

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    i havent tried sudafed, i'll try that when i'll have allergies

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