definition of a neuromuscular imbalance?

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    A neuromuscular imbalance occurs when muscles and their nerve supply do not function equally on two sides of a joint, the body, a bone, etc. It often causes pain and/or postural problems. But then, sometimes poor posture is the cause of the neuromuscular imbalance to begin with.

    One EXTREME example of a neuromuscular imbalance would be neuromuscular scoliosis, where the muscles and nerves on one side of the spine do not function the same as the same set of muscles on the opposite side. There are other causes for scoliosis too though.

    As a massage therapist I see people with neuromuscular imbalances quite often. I can usually tell just by how they stand that they have something going shoulder higher than the other, one hip higher, head tipped to one side, etc.

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    Neuromuscular Definition

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