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What if William the Conqueror had lost?

What if King Harold from Norway had not invaded and King Harold of Britain had been Able to defeat William?

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    The short answer here is that we would not be speaking the English language as it is spoken now (at least 50% of English is actually a form of French); the United States would not exist, as it does now, and whatever government was here would probably be Spanish-derived and the North American continent would be speaking Spanish and/or French or both.

    The long answer is that I doubt Napoleon would have been as powerful as he is; on the contrary, William the Conqueror was FROM France (Normandy is in northern France), and if he had been defeated in England, King Harold would likely have followed them back to France and invaded France and could have taken over France.

    On the other hand, if William the Conqueror had lost at the 1066 battle, he conceivably could have regrouped and come back a few years later and defeated King Harold, and then there would not BE much difference between what happened and what would happen.

    Source(s): My own expertise as a B.A. in French Literature and Western European History.
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    The British isles would eventually have been consolidated by someone, possibly the so-called vikings, in which case British society would be very similar to the way scandanavian society evolved.

    An extreme view would be that much of Europe would be very much under French influences because there would have been nobody to stop Napoleon, which could have prevented WW1 and WW2.

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    Than the 'England' would have remained weak, not have conquered Wales and Scotland, and would not have been able to withstand the next major invaision.

    As a side note, the english language was largely created after 1066, as french and anglo-saxon languages merged.

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    Then he would have be called William the Loser and we would have never heard of him.

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