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Advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding and artificial feeding?

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The benefits of breastfeeding are both physical and psychological for both mother and child. Nutrients and antibodies are passed to the baby while hormones are released into the mother's system. The bond between baby and mother can also be strengthened during breastfeeding.


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  • Regenbogen! answered 9 years ago
    Breastfeeding is healthier, but sometimes you can't. This can occur if you are a working mother in a place that won't allow it b/c of indecent exposure or whatever, or, as the kid gets older, it won't sit still long enough to eat. If this happens, you can get a breast pump an bottle your own milk, which is the best. Sometimes, something happens so you can't, like a disease, and the milk is harmful to the child or it dries up. Then formulas are one of the only options, but make sure you get good ones. Also, if you want to give them "real" milk instead of formula, goat's milk is the best. Try to avoid cow's milk, except whole. That is still not as good as goat's, though. I have heard of ways to buy bottled breast milk, but I think that is kind of weird. You could look into it, though.
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  • flaca_eq answered 9 years ago
    Breast feeding is correlated to higher IQs as an adult. Breast milk also contains antibodies to prevent the infant from getting sick. It also make you grow strong big bones!
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  • MYRITA answered 9 years ago
    Breast feeding improves babies inmune system. It is also belived that it improves the emotional development of babies.
    La alimentación al seno materno, mejora el sistema inmune del bebé. Por otro lado, se ha reportado que también mejora el desarrollo emocional del niño.
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  • advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding and artificial feeding?
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