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How do you get two computers online at the same time using a dial-up connection?

When I am connected to the internet using dial-up on one computer, I can't use the internet on another computer hooked up to the same phone line.

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    You cannot share one phone line between two computers. You need to connect the computers together. If they have RJ45 connectors, then they are ready. An RJ45 connector looks like the connector that goes to the phone line only a little bigger.

    It is also possible to connect computers directly to each other with USB or serial cables. Personally, I wouldn't mess with this option. If you do not have RJ45 connectors, you can install a Network Interface Card for peanuts (see sources). With a NIC in each computer, you can connect each to a hub or just connect them directly to each other with a cross-over cable.

    Once you have your computers connected to each other, select one to be the "master" and configure it for "Internet Connection Sharing". Use that machine to dial your internet service provider.

    With DSL and Cable Internet being available for not much more than dial-up, you might want to consider spending the extra. Two computers sharing a dial-up will be slow. With a cable modem, you may get 100 mbs compared to 56 kbs with your modem. That's a speed difference of 100,000,000 : 56,000.

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    The simpliest solution will require ethernet adapters in both computers and a network switch (or hub).

    Once you have all the above hardware, get your self a copy of ProxyX by analogX.

    Install that software on the host computer (computer connected to the phone line).

    Finally you'll set private ips for each computer in the 192.168.0.x range (x being any number between 0 and 254 inclusive).

    The second computer will use the first computer as its proxy server. Which is easy to set up.... if you're using internet explorer you'd go to Tools | Internet Options | connnection | Lan Settings and insert the ip address of the host computer as the proxy server.

    All in all it's best if you read the documentation that comes with the proxy software it's very easy to follow and understand and it will help you setup the sotware and hardware properly.

    Source(s): Get all you hardware from new egg: Proxy Software:
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    all the answers tiil now are not goona solve the problem.

    you need 2 computers and a simple phone line and of course only one dial - up modem 56k. you have these already.

    now you need a program called proxy server for example - ccproxy (instaled on server), and the computer with the modem needs to be configurated as server ( and the other computer as client ( The 2 computer are linked with a crossover UTP cable , so the 2 computers needs a network card both.

    Now , everytime the server is online , the client (2nd computer will also be able to browse the net) , the speed 56kbit will be splited between the 2 computers.

    hope you understand me..;)

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    As my understanding, you cannot do that with a Dial up connection. You must have a DSL connection to be able to plug in more than one computer to the internet at the same time, I mean sharing a network connection or home line. Try Verizon DSL or Comcast, they work very well!!

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    You can use Windows Internet Connection Sharing if both machines are running at least Win98 Second Edition. It is even easier to setup if they are both running XP.

    And yes, it works with a dial-up connection.

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    silly kids. dial up would be so slow, but it can be done. i've had to use it before. all you need is a network connection between the two pc's. wireless or ethernet, whatever. then download a proxy server software... i think i used analogX or something (it was freeware) and the rest is configuring the ip addresses and internet settings.

    it's going to be so slow you will probably be waiting for the text you type to show up on the screen.

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    That is simple you just get a second phone line and hook up the ethernet cable to the other phone jack. (it will cost a bit of money though to buy the second phone line)

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    you need DSL, but you can buy a second phone line and ask your company, (netzero, tds, etc.) and see if you can hook the other phone line in with your computer in it. also, if you get cut off when your phone rings and you are on the internet, buy 3 lines. we have dsl, a modem, and 3 lines with 2 computers.

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    You can´t, not with dial-up. All the answers above will only make you waste time.

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    You need to have DSL or Cable internet for that.

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