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Does anyone know the symptoms of a brain seizure coming on, such as,e.g. shaking ,sweating, etc?

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    Symptoms can be as varied as the people having them. It depends on what is causing the seizure and what part of the brain is involved.

    I had seizures that were caused by a tumor compressing my brain stem. The sypmtoms I had were uncontrollable shaking, feeling very cold, and nausea. In my case there were no "pre-seizure" warnings or auras.

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    According to the Merck Manual, "In about 20% of people who have a seizure disorder, seizures are preceded by unusual sensations of smell, taste, or vision or an intense feeling that a seizure is about to begin (aura). Usually, an aura is associated with an unpleasant sensation, such as an odor of burning garbage or decaying flesh." There is more on causes, symptoms and treatments of seizures in the Manual at

    Source(s): The Merck Manual of Medical Information - 2nd Home Edition
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    No I don't sorry. But you can go to a few medical websites or type in the symptoms of brain seizure in a search engine.

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