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How can I rid myself of a chronic yeast infection?

All my doctor does is give me prescriptions for the Diflucan Pill and tells me to use over the counter creams. I don't want to keep treating it over and over. I want to get rid of it.


I've already been tested for "all" STD's. Could it be caused by a hormonal inbalance?

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    I would get a new doctor or see an OB GYN to get a different approach. Your doctor should be able to give you prescription cream that is stronger than over-the-counter. Also once your infection is treated, wash your underwear in hot water..and always wear cotton.

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    Do you wear thongs? If so, stop. They are a major cause of yeast infections. The cloth can transfer the wrong type of bacteria from your rectal area to your vaginal area. Some women more than others. If you douche extensively, stop. This can upset the natural bacterial action of your body. The vaginal area is essentially self-maintaining. Let things go as nature intended.

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    you may have an STD if you are having some kind of constant discharge. get tested for all STDs

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    You may an allergy, maybe to dairy or something else. Maybe try investigating that on the internet.

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    wash that thang, change your panties 3-5/day, and keep it dry down there. shower 2-3 times daily

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